India’s Got Talent Winner List, Runner-up, Judges, Host and Prize Money

India got talent is an Indian reality talent show. The show is very popular in India. Millions of fans are hooked on the show for years and years.  India got talent is also known as IGT. And it is broadcasted on the colors television network. The show was founded by Shakib Zakir Ahmad and it is the part of Global British Got Talent franchise. It is cooperative collaboration efforts between colors tv and Britain Fremantle media. check India’s got talent winner list.

So basically the show features different and unique talent from all around India.  People with extraordinary talent from all over inia com to the show. And they attempt to impress judges and audience.   contestants are allowed to perform anything. they can present dance or solo act. Also, any kind of unique things such as mimicry, master art, and many skills.  India’s got talent was stated in the year of 2009.

India’s Got Talent Winner List

India’s Got Talent Winners List

India got talent is based on the global show got talent format. In which contestant perform in front of three judges and studio audience. up until semi-finals and final round. India got talent have given a big platform to all talented individual. Who comes from every corner of India.  The show is running successfully for the 7th season constantly.

Season 1: Prince Dance Group

the first season of the show was presented by Nikhil Chinnapa and Ayushman Khurana together.  while actress Sonal Bendre, Kieron Kher, and director Shekar Kapur were the judges of the show.

The winning act of the first season of India’s Got Talent was price dance group from Berhampur, Orissa. The group of 56 people. Performed dance inspired by Lord Vishnu’s Dashavatra.

Season 2: Chamber Choir

the second season of the show was judged by the Sajid Khan Sonali Bendre and Kieron Kher. Chamber Choir from Shillong was announced as the winner of the second season.

Season 3: Suresh and Vernon Group

season 3 of the iIGT started on 29 July 2011. While singer Maiyang Chang and actor Gautam Rode were hosting the show.  in this show, Sajeed Khan was replaced by Dharmendra. and Suresh and Vernon Group were announced as the winner.

Season 4: Biwas Dance Group (Sumanth and Sonali Majumdar)

After the season 3, the show back with the season 4 in 2012. while the show was hosted by Manish Paul and Cyrus Sahukar. And the show judged by Malika Arora, Kirron Kher, and Karan Johar

Season 5: Raagini Makkar and Naadyog

The season 5 was released on 11 January 2015. While Bharti Singh and mantra was the anchored of the show. Ragini Makker was announced as the winner of the season. ragini  Makhar is 25 years old  Dance Academy.

Season 6: Aerial dancer Manik Paul

Manik Paul winner of the Season and he is from Assam. The sixth season of the show has premiered on 13 April 2015.

Season 7 (2016): Flautist Suleiman

The 7th season of  IGT was premiered in  2016. And flutist Suleiman from Amritsar won the show. Flutist Suleiman is a 13-year-old and he is from Amritsar.

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