Juhi Chawla is comeback to host New spiritual TV Show ‘Sharnam’

Juhi Chawla is an Indian Famous Actress. Juhi Chawla will introduce new tv series soon. the show is based on spiritual diversity in India. the name of the show is “Sharnam”. Sharnam Will Telecast on the Epic Channel.

Concept Of the series “Sharnam”

Basically, The series is a voice-over led. Sharnam has tagline “Safar Vishwas Ka“. The series will feature many great spiritual Places in India. From north’s most Awaking p[lace to the south. and from west to East. The show will feature golden temple, velankani church, ladhak’s hemis. also, includes Somnath mandir and Kamakhya from the east.  the tagline says it all, the how has many breathtaking stories. that will prove the existence of supernatural powers. Featured stories will Give goosebumps to viewers For sure.

New TV Show 'Sharnam'

As the show is Voice over led. Juhi’s touching voice will give some extra shine to the series. as series have shot most beautiful places in India.

While talking to the sources, Juhi said that it is great to be part of such kind show. She was so impressed by the Script of the. Juhi is excited to do ff bit show. juhi is not new in the Television industry. she has done many shows on television.she was a judge in the jhalakh Dikh lajaa withSaroj khan. and also she has anchored many Award shows. like Filmfare, Zee Cine awards.  but when she heard the concept of the show. She got excited. she said” this project is completely new to me. experience Spitulaytiy. and involving in this journey is eventful. she thinks, that this show is much needed.

While the epic Channel’s members are also excited. to work with Juhi.Fans are also delighted to see Juhi On Th television. After a long time.

As India is blessed with heritage divers spirituality. It will be interesting to see the diversity in faith.

Broadcasting Channel: Epic Channel

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