Secret Behind Food: celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar on BBC series

Secret Behind Food is an upcoming food television reality show. Food is one of the important factors in life. Everyone loves to eat tasty food and sometimes to cooked also. There are many questions such as how we can balance eight by eating tasty Food? What can make curry even taste better and many more? Food is completely involved with science. So, this show on BBC ” secret Behind the food will reveal some secrets behind the food.  Here are the complete details related to the “secret Behind the food”.

Secret Behind food

The series will be presented by the famous celebrity Chef  Ranveer Brar. The series will be featuring three shows such as supermarket secrets, food factory surprised, and food detectives. The common thread between these three shows is that the question why ?. Chef Bear told reports “A lot of times, we have questions around the food to which we don’t answer.  all three shows will reveal so many exciting things about food. So make sure you stay tuned for more updates

Secret Behind Food: celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar on BBC series

Ranveer Brar

Celebrity chefs Greggs Wallace and Tim Kerridge and BBC News reader Bablya Sharma will also part of the series. The series will be premiere in India 23rd July.

The three food show set out to explore the science behind food in different ways. In food detectives, a journalist, a scientist and a chef will break down the many mysteries of various dishes. The other two shows in the series will explore the United Kingdom’s biggest supermarkets.

Chef Ranveer Brar has judged and hosted several kinds of food reality shows, including Masterchef India in 2016, the greate Indian Rasoi and Rasoi on Jung Mamion Ke Sung. Unlike most shows secret Behind food will turn the focus on a different kind of cousin and not just the one, he said.

The show will start airing from 23rd July on BBC India. Make sure you stay tuned more updates.

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