Vijay TV launches new game show- Yes or No

Vijaya tv exclusively has launched brand new entertaining game show ‘yes-no’. The show will air on Vijya every Sunday at 7 pm. The show is totally unique from other game show. unlike the other show which offers the prize money. After winning the game. But here in the yes-no game. An audience will get an ultimate chance of winning many prizes.  The public will be able to get mega prizes, just by betting on the talents. Which will be performing on the stage.  This unique talent performer should be a record holder in a particular talent.

In the starting of the game, there were 128 participants.  After the various round, lucky players will get an opportunity to get bumper prizes. all they have to do is just betting. they have to tell see the various performances. and predict, that the person will be able to complete task or not.

every week the show will have television celebrities.  television personalities will also play this game with the audience.  They will support the audience while playing the game. the show will be host by Jagan. Jagan is the most famous anchor. and will see after a long time on the television screen.

After correct prediction, the winner will get a bumper prize like the bike, home appliances and much more.

The winner o the first episode is Ajit Kumar. He shares his thoughts about Show, he said, I  unexpectedly participated in the show. and I can’t believe that I won. I thought the show will be like any other game show. and I am going to sit and watch it. but everything was totally different. since the audience is the participants of the show. and I  won some necessary home appliances. which was not at home. I felt very lucky. and blessed to watch this show directly. and fortunately, I won.

while the second winner of the show got Led tv and Home theatre. All you need to guess the correct answer.

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