Big Boss11, 24th October, Hina Khan hits Bandgi Karla During the task

24th October’s episode is full of drama.  today’s episode will bring lots of fun, laugh,  goosebumps, hate everything at the same time. Hina Khan is going strong on the show. she is engaged in lot of fights. Hina Khan has barely good relation with the contestant.  especially, hina khan and  Akash Dadlani are having bad blood these days.

In the upcoming task, hina hits bandgi Karla with a bucket. Which doesn’t go well with other housemates?  punish Sharma got aggressive.  and he hits back hina. punish told hina that she is misrepresenting her image. then they call each other’s name. and have a major fight between each other.

But what caught attention and scared a little bit of us a little bit was Mehjabben Siddiqui at night. In the night mehbeen was getting fit attacks. and all contestant get really scared.  mehzabeen just sits and cover her with a blanket. and stares into space.  she also moved in such way. that scares other housemates. mehjabeen doesn’t respond anyone.  housemates look clearly confused and scared. housemates, she is haunted or something. mehzabeen will get medical treatment for sure. but all over the situation was scary . and housemates were totally frighten.

in today’s episode, will see every contestant sufferings. as the task invite in an episode is going to be hell for the housemates. those who like to taunt other housemates. last night’s episode was pretty entertaining. a dinchakk pooja was entertaining everyone with her song. later she and Akash Dadlani perform together in the garden area. housemates found lice in dinchak pooja’s hair. Contestants were seen making fun of dinchak pooja.

The episode also has nomination tasks.

The things are getting more intense and entertaining in the house. stay tuned for the most updates.

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