Kaun Banega crorepati: Binita Jain becomes the first crorepati of the season.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10 is currently one of the popular television reality show on Indian television network. The game reality show has given the opportunity to common people to earn a huge cash prize.  The season 10 have got their first Crorepati. Here are the complete details about Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10.

Another contestant created history on the most popular reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati by winning a huge amount of Rupees 1 crore. The game reality show is hosted by Amitabh Bachchan for years. Assam’s Binita Jain became the first contestant to touch the mark. And she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Binita Jain becomes the first crorepati of the season.


The 10th season of the quiz show has already gained much praise for bringing out the real heroes of society. And giving them a pa platform to win huge cash amount. With Binita Jain emerging out as the first Crorepati of the season has just added to the glory. The lady won Rupees 1 crore in TTuesday’sepisode

One question that changed your life completely. She was asked in India, which case was heard by the largest ever constitution bench of 13 judges. Just like other question. Bina knew the answer she wasn’t confident at first. But later after deep thoughts, Binita finally answered the question and won not only rupees 1 crore. But also a car. she was evidently very happy. And her father who accompanied her to the show was very proud.

On the show Binita told her tragic story and hardships she faced in her life.  She reveals that 15 years ago, her husband was held captive by Milton. While he was on a business trip to a neighbouring state. And he never returned. As a result, Banita to start her life again for her two children. whom she raised and took up the job of a teacher.

After winning 1 crore rupees. Binita was asked the next question worth rupees 7 crores. The amount was so big that Bonita felt quitting is better than losing the money.  And gave up. However, the answer she gave up after quitting the show was also correct .And it would have made her win rupees 7 crores.

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