MTV On the Hunt for Next Big Poker Star

MTV and the match Indian poker League have joined forces to find the next generation of stars. And demonstrate that poker is the game of skills.

sports season in  India is just around the corner with one of the most highly anticipated third season of the Indian poker League. The poker best League that was founded and is run by actress  Shilpa Shetty Kundra  and industrial list Raj Kundra. Under the umbrella of gaming entertainment and lightning company Viaan Industries Limited.

MTV On the Hunt for Next Big Poker Star


The third season is expected the 3rd season of the IPL to be an epic 1. Especially because this time matches Indian poker League or matches IPL as it is commonly known as the partner with MTV. To demonstrate that the game is this game of skills. And to find next generation of Indian poker star. MTV has already begun with the launch of pro-hunt on 28th September.

Since Pro Hunt kicks off on September 28th. The three players have been already qualified for one of its spots that are available for the match IPL event.  The third season of the match IPL will take place between October 23rd and October 24th.

The first season of match Indian poker League was won by Mumbai all-stars.  Mumbai All-star got winning prize amount of 1.5 crores. In the second season the number of teams that participate increase to 10.  This time the Haryana hawks got the winning prize.  In season 3rd  the standards are even higher. And it promises of an even bigger winning prize. So, that the nine participating teams facing off against each other for not just the money. But also chance to represent team India at 4th coming IFMP nations cup.

Only selected number of regions in India have legalized Poker. with remaining areas including  Gujrat are still giving it as a illegal practice. However, The Invisible growth of the game is beginning to become more noticeable. And therefore according to Indian Law Commission, regulations is the best bet.

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