Roadies Revolution contestant shares their live stories, everyone is surprised

Roadies has always been one of the best show among the youth of India. The show comes up on MTV India. We saw some of the interesting stories this season. The show is now the MTV Roadies Revolution.

Roadies Revolution contestant shares their live stories, everyone is surprised
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There is always a stories behind everyone. In Pune auditions emotional stories of the contestants came up. All the celebrity were speechless too.

Roadies Revolution girls fight the hard situations in their life and rise up

Akanksha one of the contestants who was there for the audition. She tells about her story of her life. This was because of the relationship between her parents. Physically abusive father and her mother which was the reason for her disturbed childhood.

Other contestant Apurva also had a story of her life. She was the only earning person in her family and had to serve her family. Her family’s financial conditions were very hard where she was struggling through the situations for bread and butter. Apurva then adopted dancing as her profession as a source to earn penny for herself and family.

All the celebrity gang leader of the show along with the host of the show Rannvijay were surprised. They were so happy to see the girls rising up even after so many hard times in their lives. All of them wish the girls best of luck and hope that these girls have an amazing journey on the show.

Roadies has always been fun and entertainment. Also the format of the show is amazing. Currently Roadies Revolution is hosting their auditions. Each contestant come up for the auditions keeping it in mind to become a Roadie.

Roadies Revolution have four gang leader who are popular celebrities. The show is host by the handsome and popular Rannvijay. The gang leaders of the show are Neha, Prince, Raftaar and Nikhil. The four of them are the best gang leaders till today.

The audition of the show takes place in various cities of the country. All the youth enjoy this a lot. There are interesting task and fun elements too in the show.

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