Suraj physically disabled contestant receives a standing ovation from the judges Geeta Kapur, Terence Lewis and Mallika Arora: India’s Best Dancer

Suraj India’s Best Dancer participant receives a standing ovation from the judges of the show. He wins the heart of all the judges with his dance breaking and contemporary dance styles.

India's Best Dancer Judges.
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Suraj is a contestant who is vertically challenge and performs on the popular Bollywood song “Jeena Jeena”. The contestant stoles the heart of the judges purely by his dance. And not for the reason he is physically challenge. The contestant took just 1 minute and 30 seconds to express his talent and win the judges. On the other hand he receives an standing ovation too from the judges of the show.

One of the judges of the show Terence Lewis was very emotional and had his eyes full of tears. Terence says, “I don’t know how he does it. You showed us dance, emotions, proper stay and a story… we saw everything that we were looking for in a dancer.”

The other judges of the show popular choreographer Geeta Kapur says it in just one sentence. “Ab woh rone ke din chale gaye Suraj. There will be lot of contestants who will be inspired looking at you.”

Suraj’s journey is not easy

To everything Suraj replies, he used to study before, but he has no clarity of what he wanted to do. He did not believe in himself, that he could dance. But now he has confidence in himself and his dance moves and that he will shine. It is the Suraj’s positive attitude and love for the dance.

There were many difficulties Suraj faced during his journey. Not only Suraj but his parents too came across many difficulties. However his parents supported him a lot at every stage and help his win his dreams.

India’s Best Dancer is a popular brand new show on Sony entertainment television. It is all about pure dancing. The show has three judges Geeta Kapur, Terence Lewis and gorgeous Mallika Arora.

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