MX Player Mastram Release Date, Trailer, Story, Cast

MX Player is coming with its new web series. Mastram which will be streaming on MX Player. And will make its premiere in April 2020. Check Mastram Release Date, Trailer, Story, Cast, Free Watch on MX Player.

MX Player Mastram Story

Mastram is a web series is about the fantasy. It story of the series revolves around a writer from a very small village. He wishes to publish his book. The problem here is no publication is ready to publish his book. Then he meets a printing press owner who asks him to write about the erotic stories. The writer writes a story and names it Mastram. Which gets published and popular.

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MX Player Mastram Release Date, Trailer, Story, Cast, Web Series 2020

The life of the writer changes after the Mastram publishes and the story continues.

MX Player Mastram Cast

Cast of the story includes the popular star cast. We will be seeing Anshuman Jha, Tara Alsiha Berry and Aakash Dabhade in the main cast of the story. And many other’s in the viral roles of the series.

This comedy drama is a directorial of Harish Vyas. And the writer of the story being Aryan Sunil Bohra.

Mastram is a production of Almighty Motion Picture.

MX Player Mastram Release Date

Mastram will be soon taking its release on the MX Player. The series will be premiering on April 30, 2020.

Mastram Trailer on MX Player

Trailer of the series is already out which is very interesting. Mastram’s trailer sounds to be very promising. The wait to the release of the series is very near. As Mastram will premier its first episode on MX Player on April 30, 2020. You can now watch the trailer anywhere and at anytime

MX Player is trying to be entertained during the period of lockdown. And it is one of the best ways one can easily kill boredom. And of course, keep the entertainment level high.

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