Netflix Dangerous Lies starring Camila Mendes Release Date, Cast

Dangerous Lies a Netflix movie will soon be streaming. The release of the movie is planned in April 2020. Check Dangerous Lies Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Watch & Download Netflix.

Dangerous Lies Story

Story of the film evolves around the Katie Franklin. As she loses her employment as a server. Then later she takes up another work like being a guardian to a well off older man. And she is there the older man in his last days.

While so the old man names Katie as his sole beneficiary. And the story continues.

Dangerous Lies Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Watch & Download Netflix
Dangerous Lies Cast

Star cast of Netflix’s Dangerous Lies includes Camila Mandes. Jessie Usher, Jamie Chung, Cam Gigandet, and many more.

The Film is directorial of Michael Scott who has directed many of the hit films.

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Netflix Dangerous Lies Release Date

The release of the movie is a plan in April 2020. Dangerous Lies will stream on Netflix from April 30, 2020. Watch and Download on Netflix app or website.

The release of the movie will give an opportunity for all the viewers to witness the thriller-like never before.

Dangerous Lies Trailer

Trailer of the film has already been launched by the Netflix. It puts everyone in the excitement of what will happen next.

You can watch the trailer of Dangerous Lies at anytime now. You can enjoy the series now on Netflix. Netflix has always kept up to the varieties of the films and web series. They stream various documentaries, Web-series, Netflix films and many more. It allows the member to keep up their entertainment level on at anytime, anywhere.

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