Summertime is a brand new series by Netflix ‘Summertime’ Check out details

Summertime is a brand new series by Netflix. It is about love and drama. Summertime will be streaming soon on Netflix in the month of April 2020. Summertime Release Date, Story, Cast, Trailer, Watch and Download Netflix.

Netflix Summertime Story

Summertime is an Italian TV Series that will be streaming on the Netflix. It is the story about the love bond between Summer and Ale. They meet each other during the summer time.

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Summertime Release Date, Story, Cast, Trailer, Watch & Download Netflix

Ale plays the role of former motorcycle champion, who is also very determined in his life. Summer plays the role of a girl who refuse to approve the dream of flying far.

Ale and Summer fall in love with each other on the beach. And their bond gets stronger together with the summer sun.

Netflix Summertime Cast

Story has a popular star cast. Coco Rebecca Edogamhe playing the role of Summer. Ludovico Tersigni playing Ale. Andrea Lattanzi will be playing the Dario. Amanda Campana will be playing the role of Sofia.

Giovanni Maini will be in the character of Edo. Alicia Ann Edogamhe will be playing the role of Blue. Thony will be playing the character of Isabella.

Summertime Release Date

The series will stream from April 29, 2020. The premier will take place on Netflix. Watch this movie on Netflix App or website.

Summertime Trailer

Trailer of the series is already out and which seems to be very promising. You can now take a look at the trailer of the series. And watch it anytime on Netflix.

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