Zee5 Strawberry Shake story, Cast, Release Date, and Trailer

Strawberry Shake is a story of a single father and his daughter. It is a Zee5 original short film which is streaming on Zee5 now. Strawberry Shake is about the father and daughter bond. Check out more details of Strawberry Shake here. Zee5 Strawberry Shake Cast, Release Date, Trailer Watch and Download on Zee5.

Strawberry Shake Story

It is a story about the single father and his 19-year-old daughter bond. Father asks his daughter to treat him like her friend. And things between them go off track after he brings her boyfriend at home which creates an uncomfortable state for her father.

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Zee5 Strawberry Shake Cast, Release Date, Trailer Watch & Download

Zee5 Strawberry Shake Cast

Sumit Raghavan and Hruta Durgule are the main star cast of the film. Sumit will be in the role of father and Hruta as a 19-year-old daughter.

Strawberry Shake is a directorial of Shoneel Yallattikar.

Zee5 Strawberry Shake Release Date

Zee5’s Strawberry Shake is now streaming. The short film took its release on April 15, 2020. You can now watch the film on Zee5.

Strawberry Shake Trailer

Strawberry Shake is a unique story about the bond between father and daughter. A story with an exceptional concept. Trailer of the movie is already out. You can now watch it.

As it is Zee5’s short film festival. They have stories with unique concept and the best star cast.

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