A brand new television serial ‘Ranu Pelo Lottery’ to launch soon on TV Screen

In today’s scenario numbers of television serial launch on the small screen. Out of some fail to get a positive response from the audience but some serials success to make their own place among on television. Today I am going to tell you regarding an upcoming brand new television serial. The name of the upcoming new serials is “Ranu Pelo Lottery”

The brand new tv serial is all set to give tough competition to other serial which are most popular.”Ranu Pelo Lottery”, It is a Bengali serial and very soon it set to be aired on a Bengali Telecvions Channel. As per the sources, Actor Bhaskar Banerjee, Swagata Mukherjee, and Mimi Dutta are pivotal characters the upcoming tv serials.

Ranu Pelo Lottery Start Date

According to the sources, the story of the serial is based on a girl whose name is Ranu. And she is very enthusiastic and her father is garters. Ranu and her father suffer a lot from humiliation due to their poor financial condition.

Due to poor financial condition, she wishes and makes every efforts to become rich. This is the bottom line of the serial that her wishes fulfill or not.

The serials have received a very positive response from the public. The Bengali television channel which set to air the serial on the small screen simultaneously, they will also launch a new series named, “Nakshi Kanta” on that channel. So it seems to be very tough for “Ranu Pelo Lottery’ to get a positive response from their audiences.

The main character in the “Nakshi Kanta” series is played by actress Manali Manisha Dey. She is all set to make their comeback on small screen television very soon.

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