Pearle Maaney to come up with new TV show Zee Keralam “Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney”

Zee Keralam is all set to come up with the new TV show very soon. The upcoming TV show on the channel is titled as a Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney. The promo of the show is launch. And fans are looking for Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney Start Date, Host, Schedule, Contestants.

So check out complete details about Zee Keralam’s new project. Also find out a starting date, host and schedule of this new comedy TV show.

Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney Start Date, Host, Schedule, Contestants

Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney Start Date

The short teaser of Zee Keralam Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney is launch. But the starting date of the show is not out yet. But we can predict that the TV show will hit television screens in month of the March. The official starting date will be available on the page after official announcement.

The tv show will also feature talented comedians and other artists.

When sources asked about this new TV show to Pearle Maanee, she said “I would only get to know more about it once we actually start shooting. All I can say that it’s a chat show that will be full of fun.

She added “I have been getting a lot of offers for the chat shows before and after my marriage. I never felt like taking them up. As it was all like something about I already done. I wanted to do something that would bring out the fun element in me. I like how this show just fit the bill and would get across audience of all age group “

Television lovers can watch this tv show the telecast of the show on online as well. Zee5’s official website and app will provide online broadcast of this TV show.

Stay tuned here to get latest updates from the new TV shows. Also don’t miss out important audition details related to upcoming television reality shows .

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