Amhi Saare Khavaye To Start New edition Very Soon: check out registration details

Aamhi Saare khavayye is one of the longest-running TV show on ZEE Marathi. Maharashtrian television lovers Are hooked to the TV screens in the noon to watch this TV show regularly. The TV show is coming up with a new twist very soon. Check Amhi Saare Khavaye To Start New edition: Auditions and Registration.

From the upcoming episode on the host, Sankarshan Karade will visit the participants house to make delicious recipes. So check out more details related to this new concept. And find out registration details for the Amhi Saare Khavayee.

Amhi Saare Khavaye To Start New edition: Auditions and Registration

Amhi Saare Khavaye To Start New edition

In this new edition of the Amhi Saare Khavayye, Host Sankarshan Karade will visit your house to make delicious recipes and to make happy memories.

The upcoming edition is exciting for both contestants and Host. Many fans and viewers are looking forward to watching and participate in the upcoming edition of the Amhi Saare Khavayye.

Registration of the Amhi Saare Khavayye, you can Zee Marathi is the official website. Click on the link of the registration form of the Amhi Saare registration. The form will appear. You will need to fill all your personal and contact details in the registration form. Interested candidates will also have to submit their recipes.

Participants will have to mention various details related to their recipe such as ingredients of their recipes, cooking method. Also which recipe you will make veg or non-veg. And in the final step select course. You will also have to upload the image of your recipe.

If you are application form get selected by the official team of the show, they will call you for the next process.

Aamhi Saare Khavayye is one of the popular cooking television reality show in Maharashtra. The TV show is on air for more than 10 years. Along with Sankarshan Karade popular Chef, Devwrat Jategaonkar will be hosting this TV show.

Aamhi Saare Khavayye broadcasts on Zee Marathi at 1:30 AM. You guys can also watch the online broadcast of the show on ZEE 5’s official website and apps.

Stay tuned here for more updates related to the upcoming tv shows. And find out audition details related to the big television reality show shows.

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