Kundali Bhagya: Sameer and Shristi to stop Karan and Mahira’s marraige

Kundali Bhagya is one of the most popular shows of ZEE TV. In today’s episode, we will be watching Shrishti while searching for Karan and Preeta will come across Sherlyn.

Karan takes Preeta to Mahesh Luthra's room to show her his condition
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Shrishti says Sherlyn that she will expose her in front of everyone in the family and tell her truth that how Mahira came to Preeta’s house and told her reality to them and how Mahira and Sherlyn made a plan and pushed Mahesh Luthra down the stairs.

To which Sherlyn is challenging Shristi to stop this marriage. On the other hand, Rishabh tries to explain Karan to back off from the marriage and stop behaving so badly with Preeta.

Rishabh tries to explain Karan to stop this marriage

He explains Karan to stop this marriage but Karan doesn’t listen and says to Rishabh that “Uski (Preeta) ki haar mein meri jeet hai”

Shristi overhears this conversation and plans to tell everything to Preeta along with Sameer. However, Sameer will be stopping her at first. But later Shristi and Sameer make a plan to stop this marriage.

Sherlyn taunts Preeta!!

Preeta sits beside Mahesh Luthra as he is in a coma and tries to speak with him meanwhile Sherlyn enters overhearing her conversation and starts taunting Preeta.

Preeta thinks Sherlyn and Mahira hate her and that is why they are hurting Luthra family. So she thinks to let Karan and Mahira’s marriage happen and she will get away from the Luthra family forever.

This is the upcoming twist in today’s episode of Kundali Baghya.

Kundali Bhagya is one of the top shows of ZEE TV. The show has many twists and turns in the story where Karan and Preeta love each other a lot but they both do not admit their love.

On the other hand, Karan marries Preeta and leaves her as a part of revenge for all bad she has done for a Luthra family. But the truth is It is not Preeta who has been doing wrong with Luhtra family it is Prithvi, Sherlyn, and Mahira who have been doing wrong with them.

Karan thinks that it is Preeta who has done this and again for revenge with her he says that he will be marrying Mahira.

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