Preeta to stop Karan and Mahira’s wedding?

Kundali Bhagya’s episode of August 6 starts with Shristi convincing Sameer to help her out to stop the marriage of Karan and Mahira. However, Sameer goes away from there saying his aunt is calling him. Sherlyn keeps taunting Preeta.

Sherlyn keeps on taunting Preeta in the Mahesh Luthra’s bedroom. Saying that she is here to attend the marriage of her ex-husband or the husband who never consider her as her wife since the day of marriage.

The rituals of Karan and Mahira’s marriage are about to begin Karan stops and asks Preeta to attend the rituals first then only the rituals will be taking place.

Preeta and Sherlyn come downstairs to attend the wedding. The rituals start and Preeta starts walking towards the wedding ceremony. Karan, Shristi, Sherlyn and everyone thinks that she is moving forward to stop the marriage.

Preeta moves forward towards Karan and Mahira’s wedding rituals

Shristi gets very happy as she moves forward thinking that she is about to stop the marriage. Karan asks panditji to stop for a minute as he thinks Preeta wants to say something.

Preeta comes very close to mandap and says that she doesn’t want to say anything it is just that she wants to sit near. As she is not able to watch the marriage properly from far.

Karan asks panditji to recite the mantras of the wedding loudly again and again. And the rituals begin.

Sarla is worried for Preeta

Sarla is worrying about Preeta thinking that she won’t harm herself.

Karan and Mahira’s wedding rituals are postponed

The wedding rituals of Karan and Mahira are postponed as Rakhi forgets to bring the ‘gatbandhan chunni’. Baani tells her that how can she forgets it is a special cloth. Rakhi says due to lots of work she forget to get it.

And asks Sameer to get the chunni from Kareena Luthra’s room. And the marriage rituals are on halt till Sameer gets the chunni.

In the meanwhile Sherlyn takes Mahira to her room.

Rishabh’s words shock everyone

Sherlyn’s mom asks Rishabh to come and sit with them. And everyone is praising Rishabh for the qualities he has. Rishabh says there are many qualities that Karan has and he doesn’t possess.

To which others say that hardly any guy has these qualities which you have. To which Rishabh says that he doesn’t have the qualities which Karan has.

Rishabh says, “Karan can to listen to his heart which he doesn’t have and if he would have it then won’t have married.”

To which everyone is shocked by his words!!!

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