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4 Best TV-Shows to Feature Gambling

There are lot of great tv-series and movies about gambling. It’s always been an intriguing subject and a perfect setting for a great drama. This is why some of these series are the most thrilling and dramatic on the entire market of tv-series. 

If you love both gambling and tv-series, there’s plenty of options to combine the two. There are lots of great TV shows that feature gambling. The casino floor has always been one of the most extravagant and thrilling settings. So, of course it’s always a popular scene for tv-series and movies.

But it’s not only popular to watch others gamble on the screen, but also to gamble oneself. Gambling has become increasingly popular and has boomed as it has become easier to gamble online.

Gamble online has made it easier to play fun casino games whenever and wherever you want. Because there are so many online players, there are plenty of great online casinos.

TV Shows to Feature Gambling

One of the most popular ones is Casumo online casino, where you can find all kinds of great casino games. Another way to have fun with gambling is to watch these popular tv-series featuring gambling.

1. Las Vegas

A popular tv-series that’s all about gambling is the American Las Vegas. Here we follow the surveillance team of one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas.

There are lots of drama and intrigues in the series, where the security game has to deal with cheating gamblers, rival casinos stealing the high rollers and the massive costs of lucky gamblers. In other words, an exciting series full of gambling and casino drama.

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2. How I Met Your Mother

Even though How I Met Your Mother is not solely about gambling, it’s one of the most popular series in recent years. Here one of the characters, Barney, has a problem with gambling, so there are several scenes of gambling in this series.

One of the most famous gambling scenes from this series is the one where Barney plays the game Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing.

3. Breaking Vegas

If you’re looking for one of the best gambling tv-series, you should take a look at Breaking Vegas. This series focus mostly on some of the illegalities of the Las Vegas-world. Here you get to follow the tricksters and the cheaters who try to cheat the system. Even though, there are only 14 episodes, they’re some of the most interesting and entertaining casino television.

If you’re interested in the world of gambling with all its facets, this might be the just the series for you.

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4. Luck

If you like horse racing, Luck is the perfect series for you. It’s an HBO series that is set in and around the horse racing track. It follows the main character, which is played by Dustin Hoffmann, in his attempts to get back at some people who did him wrong. There are lots of gambling and lots of drama in this series.

It only has a single season, but one who is definitely worth watching. 

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