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Colors Marathi Back with New TV Show ‘Chandra Aahe Sakshila’

Colors Marathi is one of the popular TV channels in Maharashtra. Millions of television lovers are hooked to the screens to watch popular TV shows on the channel. And Now once again the channel is all set to launch a brand new TV show. Check Chandra Aahe Sakshila Cast details.

The upcoming TV show on the channel is titled as Chandra Aahe Sakshila. The Exclusive promo of the show is out. And none other than Subodh Bhave will be playing the lead role in the show. Check out complete details about the cast of the show below. Also, find out more information related to the starting date and cast of the show.

Chandra Aahe Sakshila Cast: Colors Marathi Back with New TV Show
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Colors Marathi Chandra Aahe Sakshila Promo and Plot

The promo of the show has received a warm welcome from the television lovers. Fans are already excited to watch Chandra Aahe Sakshila.

Very artistic and interesting promo of the show is released. In promo, we can ser Subodh Bhave is buying beautiful Gajra to start something new. This time he will be seen in the role of a normal office worker. But as usual, the tv show will definitely have interesting twists.

Colors Marathi Chandra Aahe Sakshila Cast

Colors Marathi upcoming TV show will have a talented film actor in the lead role the tv show us filled with gems. As we all know Subhod Bhave bagged the lead role. While one of the prominent actor Chinamy Mandlekar will be part of a special project. He will be working behind cameras.

Now fans are extremely curious about the female lead of the show. The makers of the show have built major suspense over the female lead of Chandra Aahe Sakshila. The names of the rest of the cast members of the show will be available on the page very soon.

Colors Marathi Chandra Aahe Sakshila Starting date:

The TV show will be on screen during the Deewali.

Stay tuned with us to get latest updates from new TV shows. Also, don’t forget to check out audition updates of upcoming television.

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