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Didi No 1 Season 8 2020-21 Audition and Registration Online



Zee Bangla Didi No.1 Season 8 2020 is all set to make a huge come back again this year. The show is going to telecast on Zee Bangla. This TV show is one of the most popular and highest TRP rating show. Especially this TV show creates its great impact on Bengal women. Zee Bangla Didi no.1 airs on Zee Bangla 7 days a week. Check the Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition and Registration Details.


It is the second longest-running Bengali television series by episode count. The television game show is all set to television screens very soon. So here and the complete details about Didi No.1 Season 8 2020.

Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition

Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition 2020 -2021 and Registration

If you want to participate in the upcoming season of Didi no 1. You have to fill the registration form first. Registration form of the show will be available on the official website of the show or you can visit Zee5 website.

The link for the registration of form will be available there. Click on the link and fill the registration form completely. Mention your personal, contact details. Make sure you provide true and accessible contact information. If your application gets shortlisted, an official team of the show will contact you for auditions.

The concept of the program

There are a total of four rounds in Didi No.1. Participants can get many gifts answering the question ask by the host. At the end of each episode, the answer gives crest and free games to the participant for their participation in the show. The winner gets a different type of crest than the other participants. She also gets a batch tied up on her saree by the anchor.

The show basically tackles the emotional and achievement sense of women. The last season of the Zee Bangla Didi No.1 was hosted by Rachna Banerjee. It is the biggest opportunity for women across Bengal to prove their strength and talent in front of the television.

For the more update about this audition stay tuned. And you can also join real-time notification for more information related to your favorite tv show

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  1. Manisha Bala Das says

    Pronam Didi, ami Manisha bala das Behala theke…lockdown a amar biye hoeche Khub boro onushthan er madhyome… Biyer 12din por ami r amar husband kivabe Soshur bari theke beriye asi… R tarpor depression a pore kivabe frustrated hoye uti r seta theke over cum kori sei golpo tomake bolted chai.. Please Didi give me one chance.. Ami r amar husband aste chai..

  2. Puja malakar says

    My name is puja malakar. From tripura.
    im a engineering student.
    I’m very interested to join didi no 1.
    I would be really grateful if I got the chance

  3. Malabika Samanta says

    Hyy I am malabika from jamshedpur plzz give me a chance I am very much excited

  4. MOULI DAS says

    My Daughter name is Mouli Das study in class III and 9 years old. She is interested DIDI NO 1, she live in salt Lake.
    she is to much interest to participate in DIDI NO-1, Please give her one chance.
    Mob no.7980643301/9163495636


    Plz amr life ar sob kotha ami bolte chai plz mam

  6. Asha dey says

    Amar reply diben plzz ,ami didi no 1a jete chai

  7. Asha dey says

    Hello di amar naam asha dey ,amar aii lockdown a biye hoyeche ami ar amar husband kolkatai thaki ,aiikhane amar husband job kore.di ami akta attonto gorib barir meye amar baba sammanno akta choto kaj kore amra 5 bon 1 bhai .attojon sddoso ar akta chotto rojgar sekhan theke amar baba kivabe amake science niye poriye baire mess khorchha kore amake math a graduated koriyechen seta ami sobar sathe share korte chai.akhn je amar husband seo atto valo manus sammano rojgar kore kintu amar porasuna te kono khatti rakhe na .ami akhn akta modhobitto poribare bou .ami amar baba maa er soppno thik purno korbo .amntao hoito hoyechhe je amar porasunar jonno tiotion er fee deuyar jonno amder karur pujote dress hoini .amar baba er maa er aii stuggle ami berthho hote debo na .

  8. Reema das says

    Protho Moto didi Nomoskar.Ami Siliguri Theke Bolchi tumi khube Sweet R Tomar Didi No1 Ami Khube Pochondo kori Roje Dekhi Ami Tomar sathy Dekha Kortey Chai R Khlety Jety Chai .8373005543

  9. Ayon saha says

    Noity road choto bhohara post bharo bhohara dist hooghly. Konnagar

  10. Susmita Dhara says

    Hii, myself Susmita Dhara. I am 16 years old. I really want to be participate in didi no 1 season 9… because I want to share my life journey .. and how I am struggling.. and after that where I am….so please select me for it…Thank you

  11. Beauty Goswami says

    Ami didino1 jata chi please

  12. Beauty Goswami says

    Ami didino1 jata chi

  13. Youhanaj Parveen says

    70 295 74123 call me please

  14. Youhanaj Parveen says

    my pH no 70 295 74123

  15. Youhanaj Parveen says

    Hi Rachona Di ami didi no 1 khalte chai please give me a chance my pH no 70 295 74123

  16. Jayanti Mahato says

    I love to watch Didi no 1 show I would love to participate.

  17. Soma naskar says

    Hii my name is soma naskar my age 19+ Liv in Kolkata (new town) I love didi no 1 show please call me 8240684022

  18. Tiyasha Ghosh says

    Hi Ami Tiyasha Ghosh .Ami class 6 a Pori Amar onekdin er icche Ami Rachan aunty r kache jabo r anek games khelbo . Pls pls amak aktu sujok kore din pls Amar contact no 7439562002 .pls help didi no 1

  19. Putul mondal says

    Plz amr life ar sob kotha ami bolte chai plz mam

  20. Putul mondal says

    Plz plz plz pl mam Ami sudhu akta bar amr jibon ki ghoteche seta apnar madhhome sobai k seat krte chai plz

  21. Sangita Sadhukhan says

    My daughter (9yrs) eagerly want to participate in her favourite game show Didi no. 1, so my humble request to you that pls pls give her a chance to participate in it & let her meet with her sweet Rachana aunty. She is waiting for her selection… pls reply soon

  22. Saswati Sengupta says

    I am staying in Kolkata. I m very much interested for this programme. Please intimate the process of registering and audition in my contact number and e-mail id.

  23. Saswati Sengupta says

    I am Saswati, staying in Kolkata. I m very much interested for this programme. Please intimate the process of registering and audition in my contact number and e-mail id.

  24. Saswati Sengupta says

    I am Saswati, staying in Kolkata. I m very much interested in this programme. Please intimate the process of registering and audition in my contact number.

  25. Tina chowdhury says

    My name is Tina Chowdhury.
    I lives in howrah. I really want to participate this show. I want to know how to get a chance to being their.

  26. Priyanka paul says

    I want to গো with my daughter

  27. Mousumi Goswami says

    didi ami jete chai didi no1 e amr dushtu mishti golpo share korte chai . onek try korechi kichutei registration process pachina…didi apnake amr vishon vlo lage khb mishti apni 1ta sujog din…

  28. Tina Pandey chatterjee says

    Didi ami participate korte chai plz ar amar kichu galpo tomader sathe share korte chai ami up er naye kinto bie hoiche Bengali family te kinto akhon ami puro bengali onk dustu misti galpo acche amar didi

  29. Hena jash says

    Ami hena jash.amii didi no 1 e jete cheyechilam dida r mayer icche puron korte.. Kintu sobai ekhane ese nijeder story share kore. Ami o share korte chai. Amii onek choto boyese biye korii.tokhon ami r amr husband dujonei school poruya.amder pase keu chilo na help korar. Kintu ami r amr husband dujonei ajke valo position e stand korchi. Even amii ekjon business woman. Onek struggle kore ey jaygay esechii.. Ajke prochur manus amy chenen. Amr sathe kaj korchen.. Amii sotti sobai ke etai bolte chi je biye korlei life ses hoe jayna.. Jara amk choto korto aj tarai amk deke kotha bole. Amii ekta sujog chi didi no 1 er theke.. Ami ey slogan ta sobai ke dite chai… Plz one chance for me zee bangla didi no1
    Plz cll me for one chance…

  30. Priya majumdar says

    Name _priya majumdar
    Now I live in Chennai .
    I bron and bought up in Kolkata. Chinsurah.hooghly .
    Age – 23+
    I have one 4months girl child
    My husband work in heavy verical factory in Chennai.
    I am house wife .
    Everyday I watching your show .and I just loved your show.

  31. Kattayani panda says

    How to audition for didi no 1. Please answer me.

  32. Bipasha mitra says

    I am Bipasha Mitra
    I am from kolkata west bengal
    I am 14 years old
    I am read in class 9
    I want to play didi no 1 with my sister
    Contact no – 9062417662

  33. Aliviya sanyal says

    Plz give your resent mail id of didi no1

  34. Salam says

    My daughter want joint didi no 1 set

  35. Puja sadhukhan says

    Ami puja sadhukhan.anek din dhorei chesta korchi.kintu sei swapno puron hochche na.sobar motoi amio jete chai didino 1.seta Ki kono swapbhab hone..

  36. Puja sadhukhan says

    My age 25.amar akta meye ache.amar anek diner echchha didino1jaoyar.didino1 jete parle amar dream puron hobe.

  37. সুপর্ণা says

    আপনাদের অনুষ্ঠান আমি প্রায়ই দেখি I সত্যি বলতে এই প্রৌঢ় বয়সেও আমি অনুপ্রাণিত হই সেই সব কুর্নিশযোগ্য মেয়েদের জীবন যুদ্ধের লড়াই দেখে, হাসিমুখে অদৃষ্টেরে পরিহাস করে যুদ্ধে জয়ী হওয়া দেখে, সব বাধা-বিপত্তি পায়ে দলে তাঁদের সামনে এগিয়ে যাওয়া দেখে I
    কিন্তু আমাদের দেশে কোন ভাল জিনিষকেই বেশি দিন ভাল রাখা ধাতে নেই I তাই বোধকরি সম্প্রতি এক ব্যাক্তি কুৎসিত সাজে সেজে ততোধিক কুৎসিত ভাঁড়ামো করে গোটা অনুষ্ঠানের মাহাত্ম্য, অগনিত ভাগ্যবিড়ম্বিত মেয়েদের মধ্যে অনুপ্রেরণা সঞ্চার করার শক্তিকে ধুলোয় মিশিয়ে দিচ্ছে I অবিলম্বে বন্ধ হোক এই কুৎসিত ভাড়ামো এই অনুরোধ I

  38. Nabamita Dhar says

    i am interested. Ami anek bazar dhore jabar chesta korchi. But aj ondhi sujog pelam. Plz plz plz didi ektu help koro. Jate amar swapno ta sarthak korte pare. Emni corona cholche bancbo kina janina. Tumi pla amar last swapno ta ektu successful korte help koro. Amar mobile no. 9831310400

  39. Nabamita Dhar says

    i am interested

  40. Shampa das says

    Hii! Didi Ami shampa das bolchi Ami Assam a thaki Ami Kobe thike vapchilam ki Ami tumar audition a jabo kintu Ami parchina so I want to participate your didi no 1 season 8 and Ami tumar shob golpo share korbo Didi ekta sujog dibe niki Didi ami Aste chai audition a plz Didi Kichu koro…

  41. Shampa das says

    Hii! Didi Ami shampa das bolchi Ami Assam a thaki Ami Kobe thike vapchilam ki Ami tumar audition a jabo kintu Ami parchina so I want to participate your didi no 1 season 8 and Ami tumar shob golpo share korbo Didi ekta sujog dibe niki Didi ami Aste chai audition a plz Didi Kichu koro…

  42. Moumita Karmakar says

    I am Moumita Karmakar from Jadavpur. I’m doing PGDM.I want to play with you in this show and i will share my journey through this platform and its a great opportunity to meet you.

  43. Priyanka Ghosh says

    Hi ! Ami didi no 1 e participate korte chai.amr nam Priyanka Ghosh

  44. Susmita bhowmik says

    Didi ami susmita bhowmik ami didi no 1 jog dite icchuk amake jode daken tahole khub upokitto hobo plz amar request ta asa kori rakben .

  45. Antara karmakar says

    Want to participate in didi no 1

    Contact no -8967107405

  46. Shilpa Das says

    Ami didi no 1 season 8 khaltechai.. Plz look this matter

  47. Papiya ghosh says

    Hi, I am papiya. I want to go to Didi no.1

  48. Sukla Mukherjee says

    I want to paticipate in season 8 didi no 1. My name is Shukla Mukhaerjee, age 59. If you want to contanct with me so please call me in this no. 9748705572

  49. puja mondal says

    Hi didi ami puja mondal sodepure thaki last 6 years dhore try korchi kintu parchi na. onek bar audition diyechi kintu apnara daken ni .onek bar mail korechi abong apnara je ph-no diyechen setateo call korechi kintu keu ph ta received kore ni plz anurodh korchi akbar antata sujog kore din .ami 6 years dhore wait korchi plz akbar sujog kore din.my contact no-8617276893.

  50. Debolina Majumder says

    I want to join your show.How Can i contact for audition process??

  51. Debolina Majumder says

    I want to join your show.How Can i contact for audition process??

  52. Papiya Batabyal. says

    Ami Papiya Batabyal. Ami Didi no I a jete chai. Ami anek badhar modeyea diya darate pareachi. Amr akti boutique kori. Cutting sekhkai. Amar 200 joner upar student selai sikhachea. Tara nejer payea dariachea. Amar jibonea bahu durghatana ghoteachea. Hera jaini. Amar chaler head a cyst achea. Amar ovarian cyst achea. Amar hater kaj baire sale hoy.

  53. Smriti saha says

    Hi ! Ami didi no 1 e participate korte chai.amr nam smriti saha .mob no 9748626868

  54. Puja Bayen says

    I wanna participate with my sister or my cousin sister or my bestie

  55. Puja Bayen says

    I wanna participate in didi no. 1 season 8 with my sister

  56. Madhumita Parai says

    Hi, I am madhumita parai..akjon housewife..amar onek diner e66a akbar didi noumber 1 a jete chai amar husband k niye..pls akbar sujog kore dao….pls pls pls

  57. Tanima Manna das says

    Ami didi3 bar audition diyachi sujag paini.ple didi give me one chance.my ph.no.8145155520


    Didi amar contact no 9875376245

    Ager comments a miss kore gachi dite… Jodi apni mone koren ekbar amk khelar sujog diye dekhben


    Didi no 1 Seasons 8 a jete chai. Ami house wife.. Amar 2to choto baby ache… Amar husband ekjon Indian Army person… Ami er ageo audition diyechilam kintu sujog paini…tar por maa holam..r somoy paini audition a jawar … Ekhon ubar sei sujog eseche… Ekta bar jodi chance Petam didi khub khusi hotam

  60. Prakriti pramanick says

    I participant didi no 1season 8 2019. I’m a B. A. 1st year student, now I’m recently Civil Defence Volunteer.

  61. Prakriti pramanick says

    I participant didi no 1season 8 2019. I’m a B. A. 1st year student, now I’m recently Civil Defence Volunteer. My father is an actor, director, his own Dol shyambazar blind opera. My mother house wife.


    I Want to Participate Didi No.1

  63. puja mondal says

    Hi didi ami puja mondal.ami tomar show 1st theke dakhi.ar ami onek bar audition diyechi kintu kono na kono karone hoyni.ami onek din dhore try korchi plz didi tumi akbar khaler sujog kore dao.ami tomar onek boro fan amr contact no 8617276893.

  64. Ritika Dey says

    Hi.. I’m Ritika Dey.I want to play didi no1.pl call me.my no.9874419927

  65. Rupa saha says

    didi ami rupa saha, ami didi nambar jate chai ,apnar sathe katha bolte chai

  66. Samridhi MAJUMDAR says

    Aunty I want to play and enjoy your famous show Di Di no 1 with you

  67. kekachoudhury says

    I want to participate in didino1season8 plz select me and contact me on my mob:7001943515

  68. kekachoudhury says

    I want to participate in didino1 plz select

  69. Rupa Sarkar says

    Didi ami tomake kach theke dekhte chai r amr jibon er bises kichu muhurto tomar sathe Shere korte chai.kolkatar baire amr onek relative ache jara tomar khub big fan tara chay jate ami ei game show te participate kori.r ekbar dumdum ordinance factory (HMB studio )okhane audition dite giye ja nijer chokhe dekhechi sesob kichu tomar sathe Shere korte chai. Ami tomar khub khub big fan.plz didi amay ekta sujog kore dao tomar samne dariye khayler.amr contact no -9073749536/8617738101.i love u didi.

  70. Mamoni das says

    Ami Mamoni das I want to participate Didi no I .last 5 year I am watching this show plz give me chance .My number is 8584924801

  71. Arundhuty Bhattacharya says

    i want to participate in Didi No.1 season 8 …


    I want to go to didi no 1

  73. Bidisha Dolui says

    I want to participate in didi no. 1

  74. Krishna Dawn says

    Di aami Didi No.1 Bhag nite chai tumi ki sujog ta Jann sahajo Karabe aamar M N. 6200495729 , Name Krishna Dawn

    1. Shilpa Das says

      Ami didi no 1 season 8 khaltechai.. Plz look this matter

  75. Koyna Chowdhury says

    Ami r best friends akhane aste chai….amader 11 year er friendship amra didi r sathe share korte chai ..please jodi apnara sujog den…

  76. Priyanka debnath says

    Ami ar amr mai aste chi.amader kotha bolte chi

  77. PAROMITA GUPTA, MOBILE NO 8753939997 says

    Hi Didi Ami Paromita gupta regular didino 1 dekhi amr meye subhanghi 4yr, se o khuv vlo base apna k r or khuv ichha apnr songe khelar plz call korben khuv vlo lagbe…….

  78. Pranati manna says

    Miss. Pranati manna
    I want to participate didi nb 1 season 8
    Please select me.my contact nb 9144924792 and email id- pranatimanna1@gmail.com

  79. Babita Dawn says

    Amar nam Babita Dawn.
    Ami akjon housewife.

  80. Mamata biswas says


  81. Babli Goswami says


  82. Tanima aich says

    Ami Tanima Aich ami season 1 thake aj porjonto audition die gelam ami er ageo siti chaneler jio madam programe e winner but iwish apnar programe participate korar ai programe amar jiboner aim tai ashai achi plz give me one chance i am teacher ami opekhey roilam dekhi kobe apnara amake sujog den

  83. anuradha bera says

    didi ami anuradha ami ki kore jogajog korbo jani na

  84. Shreya Bhowmick says

    Take my regards ma’am, i am Shreya Bhowmick, want to participate in your show, so we long time I am trying to get an opportunity In your show, so if i am given a chance then it will be just a best & surprised gif i my life…thank u ma’am…

  85. Jhuma das says

    Hi Didi Ami jhumadas.
    Newbarrack pur Thai,Didi Ami cancer a akranto.amar khub ichha j Akbar khalta jai kintu kichutai parchina tai onurodh korchi j amak aktu sujok koradan tahola amar sas ichha ta puron hoy

  86. Sipra jana says

    Ami sipra jana ami 1 ta school a cooking kore amr husband 1 ta factory ta worker er kaj kore ami onek kosto kore amk sonsar k Dar koriye chii AMR onek iche ja okhane ami sobai k dakhe ta chai

  87. Sipra jana says

    Ami oi platfrome a giye

  88. Kakali Sardar says

    please participated me…
    ami didi no1 a jete khubi utsahito kintu jete par6ina.ami ongso grohon korte chai……

  89. Sathi sen says

    Didi amra north 24pgs ar madhya thaki. kapal kharap kono din didi no 1 jata pari ni
    jadi akta sujog kara dan thala jata pari.ph: 8697637780 email: sathisen800@gmail

  90. piyali Ghosh says

    Nomoskar.ami banagali ,tai banglar riti onujaye Nomoskar e janalam.

    Amr naam piyali Ghosh. Ami bortomane B.A English Honours ar 2nd year ar student.

    Proti ta manush ar moto amio chai akbar didi no 1 ar monche ongso grohon korte. Karon ai moncho protiti manus k onuprerona jogay…jibone notun ki6u korte utsaho jogay. Tai sei monche daranor sujog pele ami zee bangla r ka6e kritoggo thakbo.

  91. Sukla Biswas says

    Didi AME ar amar hasban apnar Didi no 1 so ta gata chai please, please Didi call me 7797076171

  92. Payel santra says

    I want to participate

  93. Labi purkait says

    Didi AAMI eakjon housewife Assam Silchar theke bolche please aamake eakta sugak din

  94. Labi Purkait says

    Didi aami ekjon housewife Assam silchar theke bolche aamake ekta sugok din

  95. Labi Purkait says

    Didi aami Assam silchar theke bolche amake ekta sugok din


    আমি এর আগেও আবেদন করেছি, বারবার । কিন্তু এখনও কোনও সদুত্তর মেলেনি ।
    দয়াকরে একটিমাত্র সুযোগ দিন না দিদি,,,
    শুধুমাত্র একবার !
    প্রণাম নেবেন
    Sweets Bhattacharya
    C/of Arup Bhattacharyya
    Village Kaligram
    P. O Shyamsundarpur
    District Burdwan


  97. Puja debnath says

    Hi didi ami Howrah jelar basinda,ami LED rise,minichar,gate toiri kori ebong repear kori.ami didi no1 a jete chi .amar onek diner icha
    ami didi no1 jabar.

  98. Barsha Chakraborty says

    Hii mam Amer nam barsha chakraborty.. Ami jadavpur purbachale thaki… Ami apnar sate didi no1khelte chai r amer sob katha shear kortechai…. Plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz Didi.

  99. Barsha Chakraborty says

    Hiii mam Amer nam barsha chakraborty… Ami jadavpur purbachale thaki… Ami didi no1khelte chai and amer sob katha apnar sate shear korte chai… Plzzz mam ..

  100. Meghla debnath says

    Ami amr 3years may k didino1 phathate chai……eber didi apner icche ….sujogk deban kina jani na…….

  101. Rima khatun says

    Amr bon Sajida ayesha tar age 11 didi no 1 khelte chai akta chance den plz…

  102. Kalpana Dutta says

    Didi ami didino1 season 8 paticepet korte chi pizz call me.phone no 8918454785 emil kalpanadutta844@gmail.com

  103. Laxmi ram says

    Ami laxmi ram…..
    Ami didi no 1 season 8 a participated korte chai……
    Amk akbar sujog din…

  104. Priyanka Mandal says

    Hello mam ami priyanka ami apnar showta participant korta chai plz Alta chance din

  105. Anindita Ghosh says

    Hi, I am Anindita Ghosh from Berhampore, Murshidabad, I want to participate in
    Didi No 1, but what is the process please tell me.

  106. Nishat says

    Ami nishat age 18
    From.Bangladesh . Ami didi no.1 a khelte chai.please mem amak akta chance den.

  107. Kakoli tantubay says

    Amar bari grame sobsmy audition er khabor paona jodio ekbar dite giye chilam but chance paini.kintu amar okhane jabar khub ichhe karon Rachana Banerjee bangla industry er queen ble amar mone hoy to onar songe sorasori ktha bolar ichhe ache khub onake dekhte chao onar songe khelte chai please accept me.

  108. Puja Sardar says

    I and my friend would like to participate in Didi no 1

  109. Archita Ghosh says

    hi Ami archita ghosh. Ami 1st year e pori. Site e dance o Kori. Amr Khub iccha j akbar Didi No 1 gia kheli. Plz Didino1 and full Didi No 1 r team k request korchi play jodi akta scope kore dan,tahole Khub krittogo thakbo. PlZ Jodi ak2 scope kore den.

  110. Sampa manna says

    Hi didi,ami sampa manna ,ami purbo medinipur er kolaghat e thaki..ami didi no 1 e perticipate korte chai plz didi amke sujog kore dao…

  111. Puja chel says

    Name-Puja Chel

  112. Ankita Sarkar says

    Enter your comment here…Hi ami Ankita Sarkar I love this show And I am bigest Faan of Rochona Di my contact no .- 7699629509

  113. Aparna BISWAS says

    Hii Ami Apanar BISWAS. Ami Akbar apnader okhane jate chi khalte chai plss Didi Akbar dakun plss Amar khubu valo lagea Didi no 1 dakhtea plsss Ami jate chai plss didi.amar pH no–9123360060 Ami Chennai te thaki.plsssssss

  114. Aparna BISWAS says

    Hii Ami Apanar BISWAS Ami Didi no 1 jeta chi plss plss .Ami Chennai te thaki Amar sosur Bari chendannagra.amar pH no —9123360060 plsssssssss.

  115. Chaitali Banerjee says

    I would like to participate in DIDI NO 1 Competition in the current session. Please make confirmation to me.

  116. anushka bose says

    Ami anushka Bose…amar age 19 years…ami akjon student..…ami amar jiboner kichu sriti share korte chai…
    Please akbar chance din didi number 1…..

  117. Annesha samanta says

    Hi Didi Ami anindita samanta regular didino 1dekhi amr meye 9yr se khuv vlo base apna k r or khuv ichha apnr songe khelar plz call korben khuv vlo lagbe

  118. Swagata Singha says

    Hi I’m Swagata Singha…age 23, I’m a student, graduated last year in English hons..I achieved good marks in my secondary and higher secondary…besides study, my hobby is painting, dancing & acting..my height and weight are 5’1″ & 58 respectively,I’m very good at sport also. I’m from a small town in Bankura district. Our financial condition is not so good. My father is a paralysed patient,my mother is a house wife. At present I live at Garia, Kolkata,seeking for job. I’m very much fond of zee bangla reality show Didi no 1. Since childhood I & my whole family follow this show..chhotobela thekey amar swapno didi no 1 er set a giye participate kora r champion howa, serokom championship spirit amar modhye achhe… I am confident,not over confident.Bankurar ek chhoto shohore jonmo, baro howa, porasuna hobar karone er age kakhono kono reality show te participate korar sujog paini.Meye hoye jonmechhi bole chhoto theke poribarer anek badha nisedh sunte hoyechhe, but ami dekhate chai 1ta meye hoye ami chaile ki na korte pari, meye der niye ey hin manosikota, vranto dharonar sesh korte chai. Ami earnestly ey show te participate korte chai, & champion hoye amar family, sathe sath amar shohor k gorbito korte chai… Tai amar request audition er jonyo 1ta chance dewa hok amay,jate ami amar nijer talent prove korte pari…

  119. tulika ghosh sen says

    siliguri te kobe audition hobe????

  120. Sonali Dhibar says

    My name -sonali Dhibar
    My number-8210110873

    Aama kai ek bar chance please

  121. Riya banik says

    Ami amar sasuri ma k nia didi no 1 season 8 a jete chai.

  122. MOHIT MANDAL says

    How to register in DiDi No. 1?

    1. Puja sardar says

      Hii.. Ami puja sardar. Ami ar Amar friend didi no jete chai.. Please didi Amader Akbar sujog din..

      1. Babli Goswami says

        9932462196 babligoswami

        1. Babli Goswami says

          Ami didi no jate chai Name …Babli Goswami contact no..9932462196

      2. Mamata das says

        Didi is the only promise in my life that I will go to one day but I can’t get the chance but please do not allow me to waste my promise this way

        1. Mamata das says

          My phone nambar 6001211466

  123. Mampe Laya sk says

    Name – mampe Laya Sk
    Age -24
    Class- 12
    Address – Gopal chak,Nandigram, Purba medinipur
    District – Purba medinipur
    Didi No. 1 – Ami didi no.1 a participate korte chaii…. plzz ekta chance Pele khub khushi hobo !!””””””””(MY Fe bared choose channel zee bengla …this sow see for stating……..
    plzzz…. plzz… plzz…. !!

  124. Puja Mandi says

    Hi I am Hapen, my wife Puja Mandi want to participate to DIDI NO-1 & she is big fan of this game.

  125. Kirttita maity says

    I want to send my mother in Didi no 1. She watches daily and eagerly wants to go there .
    Name: Chandrima Maity
    Age: 47
    Status: House wife,
    Children: 2 (girl -19, boy-16)
    Address: Mohar , Sabang, Paschim Medinipore, 721161.

  126. Saheli Kundu 7687889334Joy says

    Hi ami Puranjoy Kundu ami o amar ma nimito ai game show ta dekhi which is best women’s show according to me.I will be thankful to the organizers if u give my ma Saheli Kundu an opportunity to participate in this show which as a son will be my best gift to her. She is a very jolly and humble lady I as Son will love the world know how beautiful a person she is.So plz do the needful I will eagerly wait for a positive reply from ur side…

  127. Tanushree Mukherjee says

    I am Tanushree Mukherjee. I am now 18 years old. I am a student of 1st year B.A(Hons) My subject is English. I also like dance and theater. My address is Green Park p/o Michael Nagar Kolkata 700133

  128. Nupur mitra says

    Sudhu audition er location janty chai season 1 theke try korchi mail korchi, msg korechi but no response

  129. Shuvra Mondal says

    Hi.. Sir.. Ami didi no 1 regular dekhi.. Khub vlo lage.. Ami service kori govt office e.. My name is Shuvra Mondal… Age 24.. I am participant this khelai.. I really onk din dhore i6a bt kono dino possible hye uteni.. R ageoo try kre6i hoini… To plz sir amr i6e ta puron Korean . . Plz

  130. Prasun Banerjee says

    My daughter Purnaa Banerjee eagerly want to participate in Didi No 1 Season 8.
    She regularly watch Your all episodes and very much interested for this show.
    Purnaa reads in class II in Riverdale High School, Garia.(phone: 9836616766)
    Hope You Give her a chance to participate. Please inform me all rules and regulation to join in this show.

  131. Priyanka sahoo says

    I want to join Dido no1 audition.

  132. Priyanka sahoo says

    Ami didi no 1a jata chai.Mob-8250450288

  133. Krishna Tewary says

    My name is Krishna Tewary. I am from West Medinipur.
    Ami Didi no.1 protidin dekhi. Amr prochur echcha ami Didi no.1 a perform kori. Kintu eto chesta karar por o ami sujog paini. So, pls. Sir onno contestant er moto amio on the spot valo vabe perform korte chai.
    Amar Address
    Name-Krishna Tewary, age-55
    C.K. Road, West Medinipur, PIN-721253


    Hello..ami Sibaram Chakrabarty,Dhanekhali,Hooghly theke bolchi.ami somay pele Didi no 1 dekhi,kintu amr barir MA,Bou o bouma o amr chele 3years regular dekhe.amr misses amk prai bole ddidi no 1 e registration korar janya.ami oke mithe bolechi je registration hoyegeche tumi call pabe,kintu ami mithe bolechi.or k satti ta aj bole debo vebechi.je prpper way diye jadi hoi to didi no 1 e jabo noito jabo na.tobe amr mithye swapno k jadi satti kore den tahole kritaghya thakbo…

  135. Nabanita Biswas says

    My name is nabanita biswas.I paticipate didi no 1.my phone no -8777262877.

  136. Dipali nandy dawn says

    Ami Dipali nandy dawn ar ami didi no 1 Jete chai contect no-9614821196 Address-Asansol

  137. Arpita das says

    Ami Arpita das barasat e thaki ,Amar swapno Ami Didi no.1 khelbo tar thekeo boro swapno apnar sathe dekha Hobe ..
    Ami zee bangla network er kache requst korchi please amay ekta sujog din☺☺

    1. Arpita das says

      Name : Arpita das
      Age : 26
      Bio. : Simple housewife
      Pin. : 700124
      Mobile : 7003278857

  138. Noumita chatterjee says

    Ami Noumita Chatterjee. Ami Food and nutrition honours niye 1st year a porchi. Ami vll. Satghara serampore hooghly te thki. Didi no 1 ami protidin dakhi. Ami didi no 1 a jate Chay. Amr rachana di k khub vlo lge. Amr ma babar ichao ami khelte Jay. Ami onader icha purun krte Chay. Plz akta khalar sujog din.

  139. Diya saha Das says

    Hi.. Sir.. Ami didi no 1 regular dekhi.. Khub vlo lage.. Ami service kori govt office e.. My name is Diya saha Das… Age 25.. I am participant this khelai.. I really onk din dhore i6a bt kono dino possible hye uteni.. R ageoo try kre6i hoini… To plz sir amr i6e ta puron Korean . . Plz Diyadas805@gmail.Com

    1. Suprita Karmakar says

      Please call me 9097316064 Ami suprita Karmakar from jamshedpur Tata nagar age-12 years old Ami didi no 1 audition dita chai please please please please please please amaka call karo please amar sopono didi no 1 jata please please please please contact me call karo please

  140. Suparna Das says

    Ami suparna das
    Ami ba 2nd yeara pori
    Ami didi no 1a 1bar jete chai
    Khub ecche didi no 1 a giye rachona dir sange nijer f
    Nijer koster kotha sare kora
    Plz 1bar jete chai rachona dir kache didi no 1
    Plz 1ta chance din
    Amar contact number 6289074430
    Karon ami jani didito bolen didi no 1 sobar jonno
    Didito sobar koster kotha sonen tamni amio chai didir kache jete
    Ami thaki kolkatar jorasanko thakte barite plz 1ta chance din

  141. Soumika roy says

    Ami soumika roy .ami student .ami geograpy honrs niye pori.ami ai did no 1 k vhalo basi.ti akbr prtisipant krte chi.

  142. Ria Dutta says

    Name – Ria Dutta
    Age -18
    Class- 12
    Address – Domjur, Howrah
    District – Howrah
    Didi No. 1 – Ami didi no.1 a participate korte chaii…. plzz ekta chance Pele khub khushi hobo !!
    plzzz…. plzz… plzz…. !!

  143. Jiyapailan says

    Didi on 1 a jayar jonno Ami khub chetta korci . Amar onik din gar escha , ami didi on 1 a jabo please aktu dakhon . Amar Kolkata bari kintu Amar daka hosci na . Abar oneker Kolkata baire bari , tader daka hosci . Ami Kolkata theki Ami a sojok pacci na . Please aktu jayar sojok koridin . Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  144. Sangita Purkait says


  145. Babita Naskar says

    ami Babita Naskar. didi no 1 e ami khelte chai . please ekti bar chance kre din .

  146. Katayani Daa says

    I am regular watching your show didi number 1 And always loving you show and I participate your program please accept my request and I am going to rocked your show. My ccontact number is 7003604830.

  147. Anshita Jain says

    Hi I am shumitra Jain Ami is in Madhya Pradesh, I want to play sister number 1. I love very much. I want to give me a chance to play. I am requesting that I want to play my telephone number 9977429418 i am a I’m requesting

  148. Rupali biswas says

    Ami Rupali Biswas ek jon house wife.Ami DIDI NO1 er khub Boro fan.
    Ami potidin show dekhi ..Amer khub eache participants korar.

  149. Netai Jana says

    amar name netai jana. amar maa didi no 1 er khub boro fan.jodi chance hoy amar maa didi no 1 hote chay.my contact netaijana31@gmail.com.

  150. Kakuli Sarkar Das says

    Ami Kakuli Sarkar Das.amar khub icha didino1 a jaoar.Ami roj didi no 1 dekhi.amar shuk dukkher golpo share korar jonno ami Participate korte chai6.Ami Request korchy. Ami House wife. Name- KAKULI SARKAR DAS ,from-NEWTOWN
    Mobile No- 6290203912

  151. Sabana Gayen says

    Sabana Gayen
    Vill joynagar Billpara
    PO -joynagar
    PS-Mondir Bazar
    Qualification B.A 3rd year
    District 24pgs(s)
    Didi number jets sobai jets chain kintu amader jela theme khub kom Jon ei khane jets pare . kintu Ami jaboi …..

  152. Tamasa maity says

    Hlw sir,
    I’m a student,
    Ami Didi no 1 er khub boro fan abong Ami akbr jete chai Didi no 1 a r khelte chai , didir sathe dakha krte chaii r khub moja krte chaii,,plss plsss

  153. ITU DAS says

    ami ITU DAS amar bon MITA DAS amadar khub icha bonadar kono episode a jode amadar akbar daken
    24 pgs n habra thaka bolche.

  154. Bidisha chakraborty says

    Ami bidisha chakraborty from Jalpaiguri..Ami didino1er niyomito dorsok…Ami ai onusthane ongsogrohon korte chai…amak akta sujog kore dile khub anondito hotam..

  155. Kaberi kankanth says

    Ami kaberi kanthal. Ami B. Se final year ar student from Calcutta University. Amar barir address holo 13/a lessli road, 3rd Lane, Budge Budge, charial.
    Pin-700137.Ami akber didi no 1 a jata chai.
    Please give me a chance to play didi no 1.

  156. Polly dhara says

    Ami ekjon house wife +ekjon buiticion ,ami didi no 1 roj dahhi,amar onnek diner e66a didi no 1a giye khelar,ami amar shukh dukkhor golpo share karar jonno amake didi plze plze plze ekta sujog din.

    Polly Dhara
    Phone no – 9143905935

  157. Aporna polley says

    Hi sir ami aporna polley ami Roj dedi no 1 dakhi ami apnader kcha adition dita chi amak Jodi sujok Kora Dan thola ami khub khushi hoba plize hallp me my contact no-8637359150 plize call me sir

    1. Pratima Samaddar says

      I Protima Samaddar. 53 house wife.Didi no 1 Amar Susthotar ekta osudh.Ami amar jiboner sobcheye moner moton programme kokhono miss korina.jodi ekbar Audition e jete partam tobe amar moer iccha puron hoto.ami jani ZEE bangla pare Amader eai iccha puron korte…khub Asay thaklam.

  158. Sraboni Banik (Barui ) says

    Hello ami sraboni. Ami Durgapur e thaki. Amar 30 January biye . Amar khub iccha ami amar husband er sathe didi no.1 e participate korte. Amra onek kosto kore ek hocchi. Ami amader valobasar kotha janate chai. Plz amader ekbar call korun..
    Sraboni Banik (Barui )
    From – Durgapur
    Ph 9593332113

  159. Sutrishna Roy says

    Didino1 a khalta chai amr baby abnormal. Or mato Samosto maa dar sahos jogate chai amr lorai ar katha Janate chai..ph no ..I’d sanjaytalukdarbkp@gimal

  160. Panchali Chatterjee says

    Hello didi..ami PANCHALI CHATTERJEE behala kolkata theke..didi no 1 er khub boro fan..onekdin dhore ichhe participate korar…amar sasurimaa ebong maa o khub pochhondo koren ei anusthan..jodi onader dujoner karor sathe ba eka khelar o kono sujog pai khub khushi hobo..please chance deben parle ekbar..

  161. Tapati maity says

    Ami “Tapati Maity”(housewife)21bochor bibahito jibon ,hasband(eletrician)Ar two daughters,akjon class 9a pore ar akjon 3rd year student please ami akbar didi no1 a jete chai didi apnar sathe dekha korte chai amr koster kotha bolte chai chance dile kritogo thakbo…….
    Name= tapati maity
    From= behala(kolkata)

  162. Mita Banerjee says

    Hi ami Mita Banerjee .I live in kolkata.ami didi no 1 e aste khub khub khub khub bhabe aste chai

  163. Sukla Chakraborty says

    I am sukla chakraborty I want to go didi no 1 I am a simple housewife my husband is death


    When I get a chance to join didi no1 season 8 after filling Audition form ?
    why the form are not available till now ?
    Please response us…..!

  165. Tuhina das says

    My name is Tuhina Das l live in Dumdum didi pizz call me my phone number 9051966230 my email td.tuhina.das@gmail.com and didino1season8 participate korte chi didi plzz call me

  166. Tanima aich says

    Ami ki aotai kharap dekhte je didino1 e sujog ase na .ami season 1 thake season7 porjonto audition die gelam .didi to sob somoy bolen je ata sobar jonno kintu ami to aj porjonto sujog alona khali audition er sujog ashe khelar sujog ashena .ai programme amar jibon e oxizen .tai amar akta anurodh je amake ki akta sujog deoa jai na.amar jibon eakta aim je ami didi no1 khelte chai.ami akjon teacher.ami siti chanel e jio madam programme e winner hoeochi abar apnara jodi akti nar sujog den ta hole krittagya thakbo.

  167. Krishna das says

    Amar onnek diner e66a didi no 1 a giye khelar.onek shuk duķher golposhare korar jonno. Ami Krishna das.thaki searampore.hooghly jelay.

  168. Animesh modak says

    Amar maa onak din ichchha didi no 1 a khelbe

    Ami- jharna modak
    Address- dignagar nadia
    Age- 40
    Phone number-8145931700

  169. Rinki Dey says

    My name is Rinki Dey
    Age :17
    My Dream: printer & lower
    Address : Medinipore (West Bengal)
    Pin no : 721101
    Contact no 8016163711/8250422714

  170. KrishNa das says

    Ani Krishna das.amar khub e66a k didino1 a jaoar.Ani roj didi no 1 dekhi.amar shuk dukkher golpo share kiser jonno ami here chai6i doya kore amak akta chance din. ami house wife Name-Krishna das ,from-serampore,hooghly.Mahesh.712202

  171. Indrani Halder says

    Hi I am Shraboni Halder… My mother’s name is Mrs Indrani Halder…. Both of us watch Didi no. 1 everyday without failure…. My mom eagerly wants to participate in Didi no. 1 ….. She is 54 yrs age old…. She is very lively and fun loving person…. She has a wonderful IQ….. She is my role model and my mentor and everything……. Please give a chance so that my mother can participate in this renowned program and I can fulfil my mother’s dream…..

  172. 7450811263 says

    Ami Runa khatun Ami BA first year a pora suna korchi. Ar Ami Akbar Didi No1 a jete chai .. vill- Rajarhat. North 24 pgs

  173. Ritu parna chakraborty says

    Hi , I am barbie chakraborty amr maa r onak bochor dhore sopno ja didi no 1 jaba plz help me ki ami amr maa r ae sopno ta puro krte pari . Give me one chance plz plz amr maa ka 1 ta chance den amr baba BSF job kore amra 3 Jon bari ta aka thaki ami amr maa ar bon . Baba sobsomay thaka nah maa r mone sobsomay ek ta khalipon thaka sai ta didi no 1 show daykha maa happy hoya jai. Please apna ra bhujban ki bolte chaichi please please please . Ar specially maa Rachana banerjee onak boro fan onar inspiring kotha suna maa omni kora .
    Maa details dichi
    Name – Ritu parna chakraborty
    Age – 42
    Address- East Ragamatia , mahabir colony ,
    Post – Rupnarayanpur
    From- Rupnarayanpur
    District- Burdwan

  174. Saraswati Biswas Sadhukhan says

    Ami Saraswati Biswas Sadhukhan, Husband’s Name Swapan Sadhukhan,residing at Dum Dum, Kolkata, I want to go Didi no. 1,please give me a chance ,if you give me a chance I really thankfull to you

  175. Aparna Das says

    Name:Aparna Das,
    Education qualification :class 10
    (House wife)


    I highly want to participate this program, so, please let me know when will start new audition of session 18 in howrah or kolkata & please give me a suggestion how can I join this program as soon as possible.

    I would be grateful if you could give me an opportunity…………….!!

    Nilanjana Ghosh Mandal (married)
    Wife of Mr. Rajib Mandal
    238, S.N. Banerjee road
    New Barrackpore
    Kolkata – 700131

  177. Dipika chakraborty says

    I want to play didi no 1 season 8.

  178. Utpala Mukherji says

    Season 7 e aamake call korbey bolechilan Aryan. Ekhon Season 8 shuru hoche. Ekhon ki call pabona ami

    Utpala Mukherji

  179. Tina das says

    Pls akta chance din didi….

  180. Tina das says

    Plss Amy akta chance din….

  181. Me-star Roy says

    Amar mom and boudi.. Apnader show te participate korte chai.. Eta tader life er dream.
    Name : Mousumi Roy
    Mob: 8250816722

  182. Me-star Roy says

    Didi no1.. Khub sundor ekta show

  183. Me-star Roy says

    Amar mom and boudi apnader show te participate korte ichhuk. Didi no1 jaowa tader life er ekta dream.
    Tara anpader show season 1 thke dekhe ache.
    So Plzzz anpader kache amar binito nibodon ai je.. Jate tader ichha puron hoi sei asha kori.
    Name : Mousumi Roy (Boudi)
    Rinku Roy (Mom)
    From Duttapulia
    Dist : Nadia
    Pin: 741504
    Mob : 8250816722

  184. Me-star Roy says

    Amar mom and boudir onek diner sokh didi no 1 participate korar… Amar mom and boudi season 1 theke apnader show dekhe asche. So Plzzz tader moner ichha jeno puron hoi. Apnader kache ekanto Kammo kori.
    Name : Mousumi Roy
    From Duttapulia
    Dist : Nadia
    Pin :741504
    Mob :8250816722

  185. Pallabi Dutta says

    Name – Pallabi Dutta
    Age – 18+
    Class – B.A 2nd sem (English Honours)
    Address – Katwa, Abasan para, house no. HIG-44, pin – 713130.
    District – Burdwan.
    DIDI NO 1- a jaouar iccha onek din theke , TV te ai program ta daily dekhi, aj Grand Opening season 8 er show ta dekhlam , please akta chance din…… Please…….

  186. Noumita chatterjee says

    Ami noumita Chatterjee. 1st year a pori. Serampore hooghly west Bengal a thaki. Ami didi no 1 a khlte Chay. Ank din dhore icha khalar. Rachana dir sathe dakha Kraro khub iche. Plz akta chances din khalar. Ami oddition dite Chay.

  187. Dipika Chakraborty says

    আমি দীপিকা বিশ্বাস,জেলা-নদীয়া।বর্তমানে আমি মালদায় থাকি।কোথায় ,কখন,কবে দিদি নাম্বার 1 এর অডিশন দিতে পারবো জানালে কৃতার্থ হব।

  188. Ipsita kundu majumder says

    Ame r amr maa dujanei jete chai ank Din er echa

  189. Anjana malakar das says

    Ami Anjana Malakar Das,amar new married life.
    Amar shasuri maa and amra 2 jaa tumake onnek vlo base, tumar show ta akdin o miss kore na .maar onek din r swapno dede no 1 a participate korar tumar sathe galpo karar……so please de akbar maar swapno ta tumi pura kare dao….because i loved my mom. Jodi swapno ta pura hoe ,tahole mone hobe j maa r jonno kichu karte pereche….please!

    From: Barpeta
    State: Assam

  190. Sraboni Banik (Barui ) says

    Ami Sraboni Banik. Ami Durgapur e thaki . Amar khub iccha ekbar Didi No 1 e khelte jaoar plzzzzzz amak ekbar call korun…..
    Name- Sraboni Banik ( Barui )
    From- Durgapur

  191. RITA DAS says

    Amar Ma er khub echa Didi No 1 e jawar.. Tai daya kore jadi amar Ma ke select koren tahole ami badhito hoibo….

  192. Riya paul says

    Ami Riya Paul anak din r ichcha Didi apner satha khaler and Didi no.1 jaor.akber chans Jodi Pai tahole kritoggo thakbo .
    Name.riya Paul
    Age 21
    Address…24 pgs(N) madhyamgra
    pH no.8013127324

  193. Jaly khatun says

    Name-Jaly khatun
    Age 20
    Pin no 742163
    pH no 6295121843/8159920724

  194. Jaly khatun says

    Name-Jaly khatun
    age 20
    Pin no 742163
    pH no6295121843/8159920724

  195. Jaly khatun says

    Name-Jaly khatun
    Age 20
    Berhampore , Murshidabad
    Pin no 742161
    pH no 6295121843/8159920724

  196. Arpita Paul says

    Arpita Paul. Address- Ganganagar, Madhyamgram. Kolkata-700132 phone number- 8420724549, age- 16

  197. Rumi Roy Mondal says

    Hi Ami Rumi Roy Mondal ami house wyf bolpur e thaki didi no 1 e participat korte chai…..plz…

  198. Samir Bhattacharya says

    Kharagpur Didi no. 1 karate chay. Habe ki na janaben.

  199. Priyanka chatterjee says

    Priyanka chatterjee ami house wife .8 years bibahito jibon ekta may o ache.ami ekhono porasona korchi may class 2 e uthbe ami didi no 1 jete chae.from…chinsurah.pin.712101

  200. Mousumi Samanta, Malancha, Minakhan, 24pgs (N) says

    Didi, Ami Mousumi Samanta, 9yrs bibahita jiban (Husband, Muslim- part-time teacher) ar son (5yrs+) moner govir ichchha ektibar “Didi No-1” jawar. Please didi (Husband + Wife jutite) ektibar jawar sujog kore din, moner onek jomano sukh dukkho apnar sathe share korte chai, please Didi chiro kritagya thakbo…
    Mousumi Samanta,
    From – Malancha
    North 24 parganas

  201. Bubun bag says

    How to register didi no 1

  202. Moumita majumder says

    Ami jete chai

    1. Moumita majumder says

      Ami ekjon house wife. Ami parnasree the thaki. Amar age 37. Ami jete chai Didi no 1 a. Kibhabe jete parbo ektu help korle bhalo hoi.

  203. Santona khatun says

    I am santona khatun.I am a house wife .Ami didi no 1 e participate korte chai

  204. Sirsha ganguly says

    My mamma mrs. Mithu ganguly is really eager to get a chance on didi no 1 season8…she has her own inspirational story to tell…which by all means can inspire others…i have tried on registering online n via phone no also but none working…

  205. Krishna kara says

    Ami krishna kara, akta schoolte chakri kori amar ichha jodi akbar didi no 1 a jai, please akbar sujog din.

  206. Piali Dutta says

    Ami Piali Dutta private tutor and drawing teacher.amar 2 years married life.amar husband private job koren..amar onek diner ichha Didi ni1 participate korar..so please give me a chance ti participate this program..

  207. Madhumita sanfui says

    Name-madhumita sanfui
    Address-vill- panchpara, p.o-hotar,p.s.magrahat, dist-south 24 pgs,pin-743610
    Ami 2nd yr a pori

  208. sweta ghosh says

    please inform us

  209. Shraboni Rooj says

    Ami Shraboni Rooj From Birbhum..
    Housewife…kokhn clss 10 Pori tokhn thke iccha didi no.1 jawar akhn biye hye glo kintu onek chesta krechi akhno Hoye uthchena.. iccha sudhu akbr Husband _wife kinba sasuri_bouma juti jawar…give me 1chance plz..I will grateful for Zee Bangla☺️☺️

  210. Sananda Modak says

    Ami Sananda, belur e thaki. Howrah ra audition kbe hbe bolun please. Ami amar ma er iccchepuran korte chai. Amar ma ekhon cancer patient o bat e knee duto okejo hoi gache. Ami government school teacher, sub- mathematics. Student der kichu molar golpo o korte chai .

  211. Trina Mukherjee says

    Ami Trina Mukherjee Ami show e participate korte chai.amar biyer 9years por baby hoy,Ami somyer katha share korte chain.

  212. Soma Halder says

    Ami “Soma Halder”. House wife. Amr jiboner kichu katha apnader share karbo.
    Sudhu eaktibar amke chance din.
    Age: 33
    24 Pgs South.
    Pin Code: 743345

  213. Tanima aich says

    Ami didi no1 jete chai.

  214. Priya bhowmik says

    Ami Priya Bhowmik…amar age 21 years…ami akjon private school teacher..ar er sathe amar dance school ache…ei tuku boyes ami bastab ta bujhechi..ar onek kichu hariyechi…ami amar kosto gulo share korte chai…
    Please akbar chance din didi number 1…..

    1. Rumi dey says

      Ami Rumi dey….Ami protidin Didi no 1 Dekhi
      Pls sir Ami Akbar audition dite chai…amader coochbehar dist . Kobe hbe pls aktu cooperate

  215. Priya bhowmik says

    Ami priya bhowmik…amar age 21 years….ami school teacher ar tar sathe dancer school o ache….amar jibon e ami onek kosto peyechi…
    Please amay didi number 1 e akbar chance din..
    Amar bari sonarpur…south 24 pgs..


    i want to join Didi No. 1 Season 8
    I try to join there from season 6, but not succeed.
    please do something….!

  217. Sumaia yeasmin says

    Please let me know when can start new audition in Bangladesh & how can i attend this program.
    waiting for your comments

  218. Rinku das mallick says

    Rinku das mallick
    Age – 24
    Address- moslandupur dhakshin chatra.north 24 porgonas.
    Pin- 743247

  219. Rinku das mallick says

    Ami rinku das mallick
    Age- 14
    Address- moslandupur dhakshin chatra.north 24 porgonas.pin -743247
    Ph- 9564801843

    1. Rinku das mallick says

      Ami khub icuccuk ay program a participet korar jonno.plze select me.

  220. Rabindranath Maity says

    Ami Ratna maity ami didi no 1a participate korte chai. Ami jibon anek kosto kora bodo hoyeche. Ami Nepal a thaktam aakhon Ami english medium school staphan kore nijar paye dadiyachi. Please ama ke call korim.

  221. Somashree Sarkar says

    Amar maa er onek din er ichchha maa didi no 1 khelbe …amra Durgapur a thaki …

  222. Mousumi Samanta, Malancha, Minakhan, 24pgs (N) says

    Ami “Mousumi Samanta”, (house wife and tutor)9 bachhor bibahita jiban, husband (part-time teacher)ar son(5yrs+) moner govir chawa sudhu akbar khani “Didi No-1” jawar (Husband and wife jutite), please sudhu ektibar chance din, kritagya thakbo….
    Name: Mousumi Samanta
    From: Malancha
    Minakhan, 24pg (N)

    1. Mouseli dutta says

      Ami mouseli dutta .AMR Bari birati . AMR saree’business ache,barite ,onl onllin business ache.amr husband business kre. Ekhono kono santan Hy Ni jar jonno onek somoy oneker kache ktha suni.aei smaje dariye Amon manuser sathe AMRa bsobas Kori bhable khub abak lage.manush sartho thakle atota amanush hoye jay seta AMR Life kichu ghatona theke Ami bujte perechi.meyera meyeder parm satru setaoo Ami bujlm.amr mto aeirkm kto meye ache Jara akhono santaner ma hote pareni tader kosto ki seta AJ Ami upplobdhi kori.kakhono Jodi Didi no 1 jete pari sei monch theke dariye see SB manush gulo ke Ami kichu bolte chai.ja onno kono bhabe bla sambhab ny.

      Jani na kono di AMR ashata purono hbe kina.

      Mouseli dutta
      Age 30
      Husband name amitava dutta
      Phone no 7278042024
      Near big Bazaar
      North 24 pgs
      Kol- 700051

    2. Rimli Dutta says

      Ami Rimli govt staff nurse at NRS.ak Meyer ma ami.husband private job koren.Ami Didi no 1e jete khub agrohi.

    3. Mamata Halder says

      Hlw Didi no.1 at zee bangla.frist e apnader thank u janai eto valo Ekta show organised korar jonno.ekhane sobai nijer kosto tule dhorche,ar Dara people aro sochetan hoche.Manus ke uthe daranor sokti diche didi number 1.tar jonno oshes dhonnobad.Maam /Sir Ami Mamata halder.ami Dum Dum cantorment e thaki. am Ekta needy family r meye.amra 5 sister.ami sobar boro.ami barir chele.khub kosto kore boro hoyechi.amr baba plumber mistri.amader gotobochor porjonto vanga
      Ghor chilo.porasuna chalanor sathe sathe ami 1lakh 50 thousand taka loan +nije 1 lakh taka tusion kre jamiye 2018 te Bari krechi.ai bochor Ami Frist class niye B.A complete.krlam.amr baba eka songsar chalate haphiye uthche.tai Ami private school ee teache hisabe join krechi.amr porar aro iche chilo tobe family r pase amake darate hobe.ami SPAN namok organisation r sathe jukto achi.ekhane child and youth der niye kaj hoi.manus ke sohojogita Korar sathe somajer unnoti amader mul lokkho.ami Amar bonder chokhe onek jol dekhechi.bonnar somoi buk ubdhi jol niye thekechi vanga ghore.ajke dine o kokhn o kokhn Khali vat kheye rate ghumate hoi.kokhn o ba sukhno Muri kheye karon rannar jonno hoito kath thakto na.kinba bonnai kath vije jeto bole maa ranna krte o parto na.ami chai amr bonder valo school ,valo college e vorti korar.tai korechi.somosto kichur modhe hoito onek kosto.tobe aisob kore mone je Santi hoi seta hoito taka diye kena somvob noi.arokom vabe nitto notun somoshar sathe songram chaliye jibone bere cholechi ami.tai didi number 1 Jodi Amai sujog dei tahole Ami amr jiboner ai songram r ktha share krte pari.ami abr thank u janachi didi number 1 ke,amr ai kosto gulo share krar sujog kore dawar jonno.

  223. Jaya Das says

    Ami didi no 1 khelte chai.ami session 1 theke audition dicchi but chance pacchina.amr request a Jodi ekta chance pai thle khub vlo lgbe.

  224. Ruma Jaiswal says

    Hello didi. I am Ruma from kolkata, west Bengal,
    And wants to participate in didi no. 1. Please give chance didi

  225. Shrita Paul says



    Ami last 2 years theke chesta korchi, ekhono amar mail er kono response pelam na !

  227. Mou sarkar says

    আমি আর আমার শাশুরি মা রোজ দিদি নঃ 1 দেখি , মা দিদি নঃ 1 এ আসতে ভীষন ইচ্ছুক, আমরা ডানকুনি থাকি, কথাই অডিশন দিতে পারবো যদি তারিখ এবং ঠিকানা দিতেন তাহলে আমি ভিসন উপকৃত হতাম ,আমি মায়ের ইচ্ছা পূরণ করতে পারতাম, thank u

  228. 9038625223https://m.facebook. says

    আমি টুম্পা পল‍্যে আমার 15 বছর বয়সে বাবা বিয়ে দিয়েছে আমি তখন ক্লাস নাইনের পড়তাম আমার বিয়ে করতে চাই নি

  229. TANU DAS says

    Ami didi no 1 e khalte chai

  230. TANU DAS says

    Plzz didi give me one chance

  231. TANU DAS says

    Plzz give me one chance didi.

  232. Paramita Bhattacharya says

    Hello my name is Paramita Bhattacharya,I am interested to participate Didi no 1,so please give me a little chance to participate the show. I hope you give me a opportunity to participate this show.

  233. Anisha Paul says

    Hello… I am from kolkata.. .
    I am 20 yrs old and i want to meet rachana didi on didi no. 1…..
    Plz select me as a participant. …
    Thank you. …

  234. MITALI ROY says



    I want to participate on didi no 1 season 8.

    Please look at my following address.




    P.S – BHANGAR.

    DIST – SOUTH 24 PGS.

    PIN – 743502

    MOBILE – 9732 – 425 – 495



    Mitali roy.

  235. Dipti saha says

    Ami Didi no 1 ar khub boro fnd Amar poribar ar sobai chay Ami Jai khalte…Ami r Amar nonand ekdom dakte ek Dom same amra 2jon aste chai plz sujok din amader ami guwahati thaki ..

  236. Joy biswas says

    Ami Bristi Banerjee.. Amr nonod Beauty Sarkar.. Amra bankura dist r akta chotto town sonamukhi te thaki ..Ami r amr nonod didi no 1 e khelte chai.. Plz plz plz give us a chance… Amader onek din r icche aksthe didi no 1 r platform e jaber r rachana di r sthe kichu ta somoy katanor .. Zee bangla didi no 1 r kache Amader abedon ai j amader plz akta chance din didi .No 1 e participate korar… Plzzzzz….

  237. Indita bhanja says

    Ami indita bhanja ..ami rajarhat a thaki. ami r amr husband khelte chai .. plzz give me a chance…

  238. Indita bhanja says

    Ami r amr husband khelte chai plzz amk akta sujog din.. plzzz

  239. Debasree Bhattacharya says

    I want to perticipate ..i am from kolkata…thanks and regards debasree

    1. Sima Goswami. says

      I am Sima Goswami.I am house wife. I am from Kolkata,New Alipore.I want to participate Didi No.1 season 8.

  240. Ananya Halder says

    Ananya Halder

  241. Debkanya Mitra says

    I am a student of English honours of B.A first year… Ami amr jibon er ksto er ktha r amr boro hour ktha blte chai.apndr sthe..r amr
    Dream actress Rachana dir sthe Didi no 1 khelar ajta sujg kore din plz..ami khb khusu hbo.amr au swapno ta puron korun apnara plz.

  242. Debkanya Mitra says

    Hi ami Debkanya Mitra.. I am a student of English honours of B.A First year..
    Plz Amke ai Didi No 1 e gye amr jbn er ksto r amr boro hye othar kahini ami share krte chai..plz amke ai kster jbn er akta chnce din..Ar amr dream lady Rachna dir sthe dkha korar akta sujg din plz..

  243. Kazi saruf says

    আমার বৌ কে একটা সুযোগ করে দিন দাদা নাহলে আমাকে ছেড়ে পালিয়ে যাবে বলছে ওর মায়ের বাড়ি ।ও দাদা কিছু একটা করুণ

  244. Rashmi Naskar says

    Ami rashmi naskar &amar husband khalte chi&remove the caste system from society
    .because we suffering cast system.

  245. sahanaz khatun/Ajibul islam says

    ami r amr husband didi no 1 khelte chai…plz give me a chance…

  246. Shrabani Dutta says

    Wsh to take part in d show. Is audition done in Guwahati for people of Assam. Plz ping me when online registration n audition starts

    1. Dipti saha says

      Plz zeebangala apnara guwahati te aber addition to nite asun na amader Assam ar woman der jonno amader anak echa but amra jete parchi na…plz amra khalte chai

  247. Sangeeta gond says
  248. Swati Jaiswal says

    Amar ei programme ta khoob pochondo aache aar aami er moddhe khelte chai

  249. Kalpana Purkait says

    I am Kalpana Purkait, I want to play didi no.1 with my husband & I will share my life history please call me.

  250. Kalpana Dutta says

    Ami and amar son didino1 e participant korte chi pizz amader jiboner kotha bolte chi pizz call me my phone number 8918454785 and email kalpanadutta 844@gmail.com

  251. Soma Ganguly says

    I am Soma Ganguly from Bishnupur, Bankura. I am interested to play with you. Give me a chance to participate in Did I no 1 session 8.

  252. PANSONA KHATUN says

    Pansonakhatun29031999@gmail.com MOBILE NUMBER 7318692800আমার আপনার সাথে যোগাযোগ করেত চাই এবং খেলার সুযোগ করে দিতে ন নিজে ধৈন মনে করতাম

  253. Dibyendu Biswas says

    I m Dibyendu Biswas.My contact No 7003379465. My mother want to participate in Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition.Plzzz contact me.

  254. Tiasha Saha says

    Didi Ami Tiasha Saha.Didi no.1 is one of my favourite show. I like you so much.plz amk ekta sujog dao Didi no.1 khelar.plz plz….

  255. Susmita Das. says

    How i registerd Didi no 1 season 8.

  256. Manas mondal says

    How i registred didi no 1?

  257. Riya Pal says

    Ami Riya Pal, ami gramer maye, amakay 1 bar khelar sujok koray dinna. …contact no 8759984246

  258. Rimpa sen says

    Amr name Rimpa sen Didi amr khalar khub ercha plz sujok din aktu. Ami clg student 1yr. Sodhpur thaki Ami.. Plz Didi call me. 8583914259

  259. Rimpa sen says


  260. Kalpana Dutta says

    Ami and amar son didino1 e participant korte chi pizz.amader jiboner Histori bolte chi.pizz call me

  261. Kalpana Dutta says

    My name is Kalpana Dutta l live in bankura didi pizz call me my phone number 8918454785 my email kalpanadutta 844@gmail.com and didino1season8 participate korte chi didi pizz call me

  262. Tahamina begam says

    Amar wife didi no 1 e khele chai


    My daughter, IPSITA DHABAL, Bankura is willing to participate in DIDI NO.1. Please inform me.

  264. Mrs. Papri Pandit says

    Ami papri pandit,Uttarpara te thaki.Amar jibone anek emon dukkho koster ghatona ache je gulo sabar sathe share korte didi no 1 season 8 a aste chai…

  265. Mampi Mondal says
  266. Monisha das says

    Ami ar amar husband didino1khelte chai. Husband fruit business Kore ami sari business Kori.

  267. Monisha das says

    Amar nam Monisha dey ami ar amar Husband didi no1 khelte chair. Amar husband fruit business Kore ar ami Sarir business Kori.

  268. Prithvi Mitra says

    I am Prithvi Mitra I am a very simple and from a very middle class mentality family but I am currently working in TCS as a java developer I want to share my life story with every girl and also parents so that’s why I want to get an opportunity in this great platform so called as “DIDI NO. 1”

  269. Sonam Kamboj says

    Hlo sir I am Sonam Kamboj Iam interested to act in this show sir I am requested to give me a little chance to wrk in this show I will be vry thankful to u for this

  270. Sonam Kamboj says

    Hlo sir I am Sonam Kamboj I am intersted to working in this show i wanted to acting in this show and it is my dream also sir I am requested to giving me a little chance to work in this show I will be very thankful to u for this

  271. Reena mohanty says

    I m from ranchi, Jharkhand. My 8 years old daughter wants to participate in Didi no 1 kids episode. Please give chance. As such you have never invited anyone from ranchi

  272. Peyali sen says

    Ami peyali….Amar 3months ar akta baby acha…Ami chai didi no 1 khalta ar Amar may ar onak dustumi sayers korta….

  273. Tiasha Saha says

    My name is Tiasha Saha.I love this show very much.I want to participate this show.plz contact 8961885182

  274. MousuMi das says
  275. Pinky dey pati says

    Ami pinky dey Amar life a onek struggling life husband mara jaoar por mey ke onek koste manush korechi but ekhon sei mey amake carecterless bole aro onek ghotona ache sei gulo lekhe bola jabena

  276. Mousumi dey &sadhana dey says

    Ame r amar ma khelte chai plz call me plz .7980405774

  277. Mousumi dey &sadhana dey says

    Ame r amar na didi no 1 khelte chai

  278. Mousumi dey &sadhana dey says

    Ame r anar ma didi no 1 khelte chai. Amara 2 jonei khelte chai .Rochona di songe plz plz ektu neben amader.7980405774.99o3654227.&email _id msumidey@gmail.com.plz dakben

  279. Satarupa Chowdhury Majumder says

    Ami Satarupa Chowdhury Majumder. Ami Tripura te thaki. Ami didi no 1 a khelte chai.

  280. Susmita das says

    Ami r amr Baba Didi no. 1 khelte chai

  281. Nasrin parvin says

    Ami and Amar ma didino1 e khelte chai, Amar ma ICDS kormi,.

  282. SATHI SARKAR says
  283. Srijita saha says

    I am srijita saha. I lives in kolkata( dumdum). I am interested this show please contact me.

  284. Rashmi Naskar says

    Ami rashmi naskar , I want to play didino1 &here my struggling life story please call me

  285. kalpana Dutta says

    Didi pizz call me my name Kalpana Dutta Vill Gobindranagar Housing Post Kanduadihi ps Dist bankura phon 8101497318 email kalpanadutta 844@gmail.com

  286. Mita Biswas says
  287. Mita Biswas says

    mitabiswas879@gmail.com n my phn no-7998159863

  288. Sonam Kamboj says

    Hlo sir I am Sonam Kamboj I am very much interested in acting in this show sir I have requested to u to taking me part in this show

  289. Nasrin oarvin says

    Ami didi no 1 khelte chai, pls amake khelar sujog Kore di. nasrinparvin106@gmail.com

  290. Pranati manna says

    I am very much interested to participate in didi no 1 programme. But i don’t know how i registered didi no 1 season 8? Please contact me…..

  291. Debjani saha says

    My name is Debjani Saha.. i live in siliguri.. i would love to participate in the show.. if i get an opportunity… Thank you…
    Ph- 7029261817

  292. MINAKSHI BAG says

    I want to participate in this programme. How I registered didi no 1 season 8 ? Please contact me

  293. Tiasha Saha says

    I am Tiasha Saha .I live at shyamnagar.I want to participate this show.

  294. Raihan Badsah says

    Ami Sabana Sabnam amar Bor INDIAN ARMY amar khub kosto aka baby k boro Kora Ami sobi k Bolte chai plz amai akta sujog din pls

  295. Bulty says
  296. Kanchan shaw says
  297. Nandita samanta says


  298. Nandita samanta says
  299. Nandita samanta says

    Hello Ami Nandita I am interested to participate this program.

  300. Raihan Badsah says

    Didi no 1 season 8 Registered korlam plz sujog din

  301. Raihan Badsah says

    Ami Sabana Sabnam amar Bor INDIAN ARMY amar khub kosto aka baby k boro Kora Ami sobi k Bolte chai plz amai akta sujog din

  302. Tusu Kundu says

    My name is Tusu Kundu I am interested this show place contact me

  303. Mrs. Papri Pandit says

    I m very much interested to participate in this game show….but i can’t register my name in season 8.if i get a chance to participate in didi no 1 season 8.
    I shall be very thankfull to all of u….

    Thanking You

  304. Sharmilabanerjee says

    I’m going to didi no 1

  305. Sarojini dutta says
  306. paakhi says

    hello i am intrested in this show.. i m bful girl with 5’5 height.. i can wear suits as well as short dresses.. plz Contact me 7018700522

  307. deborsri chakrsborty says

    hi didi ami khaltay chai.

  308. Poly das says

    How to audition Didi no 1 season 8

  309. Madhumita Das says

    Madhumita Das


  310. Papia mondal says

    Hi Didi, ami papia ,amr frnds ra amai priya bole dake, I want to participate Didi no one season 8e,and ami amr kicu dustu -misti galpo tomar sathe share korte chai ,plz akta sujog dao amai

  311. Satarupa CChowdhury says

    How can I register in Didi no 1audition

  312. Nikita Dey says

    My name is nikita dey. I live in assam. I m intrsted this show please contact me

  313. Ranjita Bhattacharya says

    I am interested.please notify me the process of registering and audition form

  314. Tumpa paul says

    I am Tumpa Paul

  315. tapati sarkar says

    how to registered didi no 1

  316. Jaya Sarkar says
    1. Jaya Sarkar says

      How i registered didi no 1 season 8?

  317. Adity Sarkar says

    My name is Adity Sarkar. I live in Kolkata. I’m interested this show please contact me

  318. Homendar Kumar says

    I am interested

    1. Minakshi Roy says

      My name is Minakshi Roy, I’m from Ranchi
      I’m a Teaching staff on “KIDZEE”.
      Basically I’m from kolkata, Tolligang Kudghat (Netaji metro). 9431767960 ph.
      I’m interested to join your famous tv show on zee bangla. I have a story I want to share with u all.

  319. Harshu Ramteke says
  320. Shilpi mandal says
  321. Arohi shah says


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