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Indian Idol Season 12: how to vote Favourite Contestants?

Indian Idol season 12 is one of the popular singing television reality show right now. The TV show has been winning the heart of music lovers ever since its premiere. It features many talented singers as contestants. Check out how you can give a vote for your favorite contestant and support them in their journey. Find out step by step details of Indian Idol Season 12 Voting: How to vote Favorite Contestants Online?

Indian Idol Season 12 Voting How to vote Favorite Contestants Online

Indian Idol Season 12 Voting: How to vote Favorite Contestants Online?

To give to your favorite contestant you will need to visit Sony Liv’s official website and app. You can download the Sonyliv app from the Google Play Store and App Store. The link to the voting lines of Indian Idol season 12 will be available on the home page. Click on the link and the list of the contestant will appear. Select the contestant that you want to give a vote and your vote will be submitted. Make sure you create your account on Sony liv.

Viewers can also give a vote to their favorite contestants via their phones. Particular numbers are assigned to the particular contestant. So you will need to give a missed call to the phone number that has been assigned to your favorite contestant.

here is the list of the top 15 contestant of the Indian Idol:

Pawandeep Rajan
Shanmukha Priya
Sawai Bhatt
Anjali Gaikwad
Ashish Kulkarni
Mohd Danish
Nihal Tauro
Arunita Kanjilal
Sayli Kamble
Nachiket Lele
Sireesha BhagavatulaEliminated 5th
Anushka BanerjeeEliminated 4th
Vaishnav GirishEliminated 3rd
Samyak PrasannaEliminated 2nd
Sahil SolankiEliminated 1st

Tye 12th Season of the Indian Idol is being judged by talented musician Vishal Dadlani, Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya on the judging panel of the show. While the TV show it’s been hosted by Aditya Narayan.

The online broadcast of this entertaining singing television reality show at any time and anywhere. Sony Liv official website and app will provide the online broadcast of the show. you can download the Sony liv app from the Google Play Store.

Stay tuned with us to get latest updates from new TV shows. Also, don’t forget to check out audition update of an upcoming television reality show.

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  1. Janki says

    My vot for nachiket lele ❤️

  2. Diksha Ramteke Meshram says

    Sawai bhatt

  3. Dilbahar Ahmad says

    My vote for Mohammad Danish

  4. Manik Baro says

    My vote goes Only to Pawan Deep Rajan.

  5. Manik Baro says

    Only Pawan Deep Rajan

  6. Rachna Shah says

    My vote is for nachiket

  7. Anuj says

    My vote is parkriti se aaya parkriti ka sajan pawandeep Rajan

  8. Hemlata batham says

    Sayali… loving voice

  9. Kantilal Mumbai says

    My vote Sayali

  10. Kantilal says

    Sayali good Voice


    My vote for sawai bhat.

  12. Aditya says

    My vote for sawai bhatt

  13. Priyanka Mayekar says

    My favourite is Anjali Gaikwad

  14. Kiran padhiyar says

    My vote only pwandeep rajan

  15. Dipak limbu says

    My vote is always for Mr. Pawandeed, his voice is mind blowing.

  16. PAWAN KUMAR Saini says

    My vote for swai bhatt


    My Vote Only for Pawandeep Rajan

  18. Anor Ngukir says

    My vote is pawandeep rajan

  19. Ashwati Moon says

    I would like to vote Anjali Gaikwad

  20. Anuj Nagpal says

    Arunita Kanjilal

  21. Sayed ruzain zaya says

    My vote for nachiket lele ❤

  22. Chandip says

    My ❤️ vote is for pawandeep

  23. Chandip says

    My vote is for pawandee

  24. Raghu says

    I love the way Nihal sings. Two of my favourites are Arunitha and Nihal Tauro. Regardless of who wins the Indian Idol, Nihal has arrived on the big stage and is here to stay.

    1. Sandeep Singh says

      My vot pawandeep Rajan

  25. Pooja says

    My vote is pawandeep rajan

  26. santa says

    Pawandeep rajan is best always my vote for him,

    1. Pooja says

      I’m always support for pawandeep rajan… My best singer in Indian idol season 12 …..pawandeep aishe he uttarakhand ka naam rhosan ko jai dev bhoomi uttarakhand ….nd ones again.. Love you….

  27. prem says

    My vote Pavandip rajan

  28. Dinesh says

    Pawandeep rajan

  29. deepak says

    Pavandeep Rajan

  30. deepak says

    My vote Pavandip rajan

  31. Sahil Nayak says

    Obviously there’s no one better than Sawai Bhaat who belongs to very very poor family, have no proper house,no bathroom or toilet no separate living room for couples or childrens,all the members of the family sleep, cook and live in one small wooden hut, Where they can’t sleep during rainy season because it’s full with water in every corner,in one rain they can’t sleep for 4-5 days.

  32. Arhaan says

    Only on sawaii bhaattt

  33. Sirisha says

    Shanmukha Priya From Andrhra

  34. khuram shahzad says

    My vote for Sawai bhaat

  35. Pradeep Panwar says

    Anjali gaikwad

  36. Panchal gaurav says

    Anushka banerji

  37. Latika says

    Sayali I’m big ur fan…… really lovely ur voice.

  38. Ganesh negi says

    Pawan deep rajan

  39. Sudhir Siroha says

    Pawan deep rajan

  40. Rekha says

    Pawandeep u r simply superb.

  41. Rekha says

    Pawan deep is really very talented and I want to vote for him. I want him to win Indian Idol.

  42. Anshu Srivastava says


    1. Sudhir Siroha says

      Pawan deep rajan

    2. Kartik. says

      Pavandeep Rajan is superstar

  43. Ram Gurjar says

    Sawai bhatt

  44. Raj says

    Pavan deep is extraordinary talents i ever seen before.
    This talent is toooooooo good

  45. Izzu says


  46. Bijayata baraily says


    1. Anshu Srivastava says


  47. Lucky says

    Pavandeep Rajan

  48. Amit Kumar Namdev says

    Sawai Butt

  49. Raja Wajid says

    Anurita is the best.
    Lovely voice
    Very pretty.
    God bless u

  50. Arindam pramanik says


  51. Ramu says

    Sawai Bhatt

  52. Rijul says


  53. Jeet Singh Negi says

    Pawandeep rajan

    1. Anay Mishra says

      Pawandeep is extraordinary talented person he will win Indian idol s12

      1. Ram Gurjar says

        Sawai bhatt

  54. Pankaj singh says

    Pawandeep rajan u r superb

  55. dev says

    sawai butt

  56. Mamta Koranga says

    Pawandeep Rajan

    1. Lucky says

      Pavandeep Rajan

  57. Azam Khan says

    Pavandip rajan

    1. Himani gupta says

      My vote for pawandeep