Salman Khan Dabangg Contest 2017 Registration Details

The Bollywood biggest Actor Salman Khan Present Dabangg Contest. The Contest registration is going on, Interested fans of Salman Khan Join Now and get the chance to meet Salman Khan. Salman Khan is inviting to you participate in this contest and win lots of Goodies. Let’s check below Dabangg Contest 2017 Registration Details.

No any age limit required to this contest, everyone can participate in the contest. So Why? You are waiting to Send your selfie video asking your Whacky Question and don’t forget to show your ticket in the video.

Salman Khan Dabangg Contest 2017 Registration Details

If you want to join in this contest, then Send selfie video asking your Whacky Question from Salman Khan. If you are going to the Dabangg show, Who is organing in the different part of the world then don’t forget to show your ticket in the video.

The selected Questions would be answered and showcased during the event. The Registration is open now! send your video to

Facebook Feed, Said by Salman Khan

In this contest more actor and actress are coming with Dabangg Khan. You can buy the contest tickets, see another video.

Salman Khan said, in his official Twitter videos, Check below.



  1. Neel
  2. Abusamad samad
  3. Jagdish Jagu
  4. Ajeet Kumar
  5. Anurag Gupta
  6. anupam verma
  7. Harpreet singh
  8. S.P varshney
    • Supriya.chavan
  9. Satish Kumar Shakti
    • Gafss Media
      • Ajay Panchal