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top 10 Richest YouTubers in India

India is one of the countries where there is a huge talent. Here is a list of Top 10 richest YouTubers in India. Check Top 10 Richest YouTubers In India.

Many youngsters in India are emerging as Youtubers where it has become a new career opportunity in India. Many youngsters are taking up their careers as YouTubers. Here are the details about various YouTubers in India and their contribution to content.

Check out more details about the Top 10 richest YouTubers in India.

Top 10 Richest YouTubers In India

1. Gaurav Chaudhary -$ 45 Million

Gaurav is a popular YouTuber also known as a Technical Guruji he has his base in the United Arab Emirates. He has been featured in Forbes India’s under 30 lists.

There are two YouTube channels to his name Technical Guruji with 21.6 Million subscribers and Gaurav Choudhary where there are 4.99 Million subscribers.

He also supplies security systems equipment to the Dubai Police.

2. Sandeep Maheshwari – $22 Million

Sandeep Maheshwari is a motivational speaker where is also an entrepreneur. He has 21 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. The total net worth of the speaker is around Rs. 3 crores.

3. Amit Bhadana – $6.3 Million

Amit Badana is a YouTuber from Delhi who has in total of 22 Million subscribers on YouTube. He is also has a huge fan following on Instagram and Facebook. The YouTuber is a lawyer from Delhi.

He also recently created a video with his friends and created a Dubmash. The video went on viral within a few moments and he came up with a YouTube channel Amit Bhadana.

4. Nisha Madhulika – $4.47 Million

Nisha is an Indian chef where she is also a restaurant consultant. He has a YouTube channel where she posts her Cookery videos and different recipes.

She started her channel in 2017 where she has also received the Social Media Summit and Awards 2017.

5. Carry Minati – $4 Million

Carry Minati is a popular Youtuber in India where his net worth is $4 Million. He is a popular YouTuber born on June 14, 1999, at Faridabad, Harayana. Carry Minati is an Indian comedian, rapper, and gamer.

He has two different YouTube channels like CarryisLive where he posts live streams of gaming and all. Also, he often posts hilarious videos. He has also been a part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List.

There are 30.8 Million subscribers to his channel Carry Minati and 9.3 Million subscribers for CarryIsLive.

6. Ashish Chanchlani – $4 Million

Ashish Chanchlani is a popular Youtuber/ YouTube VLogger where his net worth is estimated around $4 Million. He posted his first video on YouTube in 2014 after which he never set back and has a huge fan following.

He has also appeared on television screens in the popular show Pyar tune Kya Kiya in 2016. He has 6.7 Million followers on Instagram and 21.3 Million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

7. Bhuvam Bam -$3 Million

Bhuvan Bam is a popular Youtuber where his channel name is BB Ki Vines. He is the first-ever content creator in Indian who crosses 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

He has a huge fan following in India on various social media platforms. A few to-name platforms are Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

He has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube and 11 Million Followers on Instagram. The net worth of the YouTuber Bhuvan Bam is around Rs. 22 crores.

8. Harsh Beniwal – $2.2 Million

Harsh Beniwal is a popular YouTube and YouTube VLogger in India. He is a 25 years old Youtuber where he has 13.4 million subscribers. Harsh is a 1996 born YouTuber where his net worth is around Rs. 16 crores.

9. Emiway Bantai – $2.5 Million

Emiway Bantai is a stage name of Bilal Shaikh however he is popular with the name YouTube name Emiway Bantai. He is a popular rapper, lyrists and entertainer.

He is popular with the debut song Glint Lock which he uploaded on YouTube in 2013.

10. Vidya Vox – $1.3 Million

Vidya Vox is a popular Youtuber and a singer who shares her music videos on the channel. Vidya Vox is a popular singer who is currently residing in Los Angeles. She has a total of 7.42 million subscribers which is named Vidya Vox.

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