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How To Play TV Bana ATM: Registration Open SAB TV and Prizes Winning Process

Sony SAB channel has announced the brand new contest titled a TV Bana ATM contest. This contest will bring you an opportunity to win the prize money of 5000 rupees by answering a simple question. TV Bana ATM Registration open on SAB TV.

Check out complete details below. Also, find out how you can play this game and win exciting prizes.

TV Bana ATM Registration on SAB TV: Mauka Rs. 60,000 jeetne ka Daily

This is a golden opportunity for the viewers of Sab Tv to earn money by simply watching their favourite tv show.

TV Bana ATM Registration on SAB TV

The contest will be played with the live audience and viewers of Sab TV from the 15th April to 26th April. The Contest will start at 7:30 pm. Channel will ask simple questions after each show episode. Two Questions will be asked per half hour.

Each question will have three options. The participants will have to answer the question by typing Sab<space> Q1/Q2..<space> A/B/C and send that SMS to 83 4088 3408.

You can send any number of SMS’s to answer a given question. However, only your first response will be considered as valid.

Make sure you send from the number that you have registered with your paytm account.

The winner will get a message from the official team of the channel. The channel will provide complete details with the winner via SMS.

Terms and conditions
  • An only Indian citizen can participate in the contest. A resident of the other countries are not eligible to participate
  • The participant must be 18 or above 18 years old.
  • The participants of the show may be required to provide basic information about them.
  • Participant shall not post any abusive comments on the respective website’s activity, contest’s page. If such a thing happens to participate shall be disqualified from the contest.
  • The participant must ensure that she or he has downloaded the Paytm app. And make sure send SMS through the number which is register with Paytm only

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