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Vijay Andalkar will play a pivotal role in Pinky Cha Vijay Aso


Pinki Cha Vijay Aso, a Marathi adaptation of the popular Hindi TV show Nimki Mukhiya, is expected to premiere shortly. The show’s trailers and teasers are already drawing viewers’ attention. Many well-known actors are featured in the show, including Vijay Andalkar of Lagnachi Wife Wedding Chi Bayko fame. The actor is well-known in the Marathi film industry. Vijay Andalkar will play Yuvraj in Pinki Cha Vijay Aso, and he is quite delighted about the part. Check out complete details about it below.

Vijay Andalkar Will Play A Pivotal Role In Lagnachi Bayko

Pinky Cha Vijay Aso will be a romantic comedy-drama. Pinky will be the protagonist of the TV show. The plot of the show is supposed to be similar to Nimki Mukhiya. The TV show will tell the story of a Pinky who has an exciting existence. Her life is filled with joy. She is, nonetheless, a very ambitious young lady.


Sharayu Sonawane will play the female lead role in the show. While Harshad Naybal will be seen in a key role.

In an interview with Times of India, Vijay Andalkar shared some details about this show. He said “Yuvraj is the son of Gajraj Dhonde Patil, a prominent politician. Due to ancestral power-wealth, royal affairs, and affluence, all he needs is respect. Yuvraj’s motto is to get respect no matter what. Yuvraj can do anything to get respect. We rarely see the subject of politics in TV shows and that is why it is a new challenge for me to play the role of Yuvraj in the Pinki Cha Vijay Aso.


He added “I am working hard to learn the Satari language. I call my friends in Satara regularly and try to speak in the Satari language. Since our shoot starts in Satara, we also talk to the shopkeepers in the area. There is a different sweetness in this language. The atmosphere in Satara is very beautiful. We’ve shot in the valleys. I think people who live here permanently are lucky. Fresh air, home-cooked meals help me enjoy shooting.”

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