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2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner, Runner Up & Dance+ 2016 Prizes

The Dance Plus is the India’s Popular dancing show. The 2016 season is judged by famousBollywood choreographer Remo D’Souza. The 2016 Dance Plus 2 schedule to Live on 25th 25th September 2016. The Show grand finale episode of Dance+ will be premiered on TV from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm. and winners will announce same Days. We have mentioned below 2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner, Runner Up, Dance plus 2016 Prizes.

2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner, Runner Up & Dance Plus 2016 Prizes

2016 Dance Plus 2 finalist Contestants

Captain Dharmesh and Captain Shakti Mohan have two-two finalist contestants crew, Top 4 in the Dance Plus season 2 Grand  Finale. Tanay Malhara, Piyush Bhagat, Wild Rippers and Sushant Khatri are the Top 4 finalist Contestants. All of them is solo Dancers.

1) Tanay Malhara (Team Dharmesh)
2) Piyush Bhagat (Team Shakti Mohan)
3) Wild Rippers (Team Dharmesh)
4) Sushant Khatri (Team Shakti Mohan)


2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner, Runner Up

From 4 Finalist, Tanay Malhara the 14-year-old from Jalgaon, Maharashtra has impressed everyone with his move and passion towards dance. Based on the Public voting results and Predictions Wild Rippers from team Dharmesh will be the Winner of the Season 2

2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner

The season of Dance Plus 2016 winner is from team Dharmesh, Tanay Malhara 14-year-old, who has from Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner

Runner Up

The Runner Up of the Dance Plus 2 is Piyush Bhagat, Wild Rippers, and Sushant Khatri. Tanay beat to all of them in the finale to win the trophy. 

Dance +2 First Runner Up – Wild Ripperz
Dance +2 Second Runner Up – Piyush Bhagat
Dance +2 Third Runner Up – Sushant Khatri

Dance Plus 2016 Prizes

Tanay Malhara has been crowned the winner of Dance+ Season 2 trophy, prize money of Rs 25 lakh, and a Hyundai car.

The Runners UP of the Dance+ 2016 Prizes also gets the two-wheeler and other prizes as well.

See here – 2016 Dance Plus 2 Grand Finale Video

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