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Abhinav Choudhary To Play Chandradev In Paapnashi Ganga

Abhinav Choudhary bags the show Paapnashi Ganga. Paapnashi Ganga is a telecast of the recently rolled out channel ISHARA TV. Abhinav Choudhary rose his fame with the show Paramavtaar Shri Krihn. He is also a part of the show Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao where his role was very popular too.

The actor bags the show Paapnashi Ganga in an important role. The show is doing great on the television and it is on of the hit shows on screens.

He will be in the character of Chandradev in the show.

Paapnashi Ganga is a production of the popular production Peninsula Pictures. The show has an excellent star cast of the time. Actress Aakriti Sharma plays the role of goddess Ganga in the show. The other star cast of the show includes Gungun Uprari, Dinesh Mehta.

Manish Bishla, Praneet Sharma, Ran Yashvardhan are also a part of the show in an important roles. There are also many actors who are a part of the show.

Paapnashi Ganga is a popular show of ISHARA TV. Ishara TV is a recently rolled out channel on the Indian television network. The channel is a part of media extension of IN10 Media.

Along with Ishara TV the makers also came up with another channel Gubbare TV on the television. The channel features all the kids content for their entertainment.

However, Ishara TV features all the entertainment content for all its viewers. The channel has managed to keep the entertainment quotient of the viewers high.

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