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Aditya Tells Malini That He Loves Imlie: Imlie

Imlie is one of the top shows on the Indian television network. The show has an interesting track where Aditya confesses his love for Imlie in front of Malini.

How will Malini react when Aditya tells her about his love for Imlie?

Will she be able to take up this shock?

Will Malini accept Adi’s love for Imlie or she will be taking a revenge?

Imlie visits Tripathi’s house and talks to Nishant in private about his disease. While they both are talking Nishat’s uncle overhears them. He is upset for hiding such a big thing with his family. But Nishant tells him that he is taking the treatment but doesn’t want to upset and put the family in worry.

Later Imlie comes out of the room and Aparna hints her for leaving the house and go to Anu’s house.

On the other hand, as soon as Imlie reaches Anu’s house she starts beating her. Imlie controls herself takes the beating. But later Anu starts abusing her mother and speaks very disrespectfully about her mother.

Imlie loses her calm and holds Anu’s hand and tells her not to speak such things about her mother. She warns Anu that her daughter is the wife of Aditya as she gave up her rights. It is because of Imlie who wishes to become the servant in the house despite being Adi’s wife. Malini could be Aditya’s wife as Imlie did not hold her rights over him.

And she says could have ruined her daughter’s life but she didn’t do that.

Imlie leaves from their warning Anu where Anu beats her with a pipe and she starts bleeding.

On the other hand, Tripathi’s are worried when Aditya and Malini cancelled their honeymoon. So they decide to plan up something here for them. Aparna asks Nishant to plan a surprise for them.

Nishant sets up a date location in a park and calls Aditya and Malini their stating it is an emergency.

They both arrive and that family has planned a date for them. They speak that everyne is trying hard to clear the difference between them.

Malini tries to leave from the location however, Aditya stops her.

And he says that it is a time to tell the truth. He confesses that he loves Imlie.

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