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Akshit Sukhija on Shubharambh Going Off Air

Colors popular show Shubham is going off-air very soon. Akshit Sukhija was playing the male lead role in the show has shared his thoughts on TV show going off-air. So check out complete details about it below. Also, find out when you will be able to watch the last episode of this TV show.

Colors’ Shubharambh premiered on 2nd December 2019. The tv show has air completely 176 episodes. Shubharamabh is one of the popular TV show Colors TV. Fans are extremely disappointed, even Akshit Sukhija is also upset by this sudden news.

Akshit Sukhija on Shubharambh Going Off Air
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Akshit Sukhija on Shubharambh Going Off Air

Shubharambh will broadcast their last episode on 13th November. The TV show has only a couple of episodes to shoot.

The TV show was doing really well before the covid-19 pandemic. But after a lockdown the TV show couldn’t get Desire ratings.

According to sources from Times of India, Akshit Sukhija said “Many shows have affected by this pandemic. After lockdown when we started shooting again we couldn’t get the desired ratings. Something that has happened with a lot of shows. As well as, I also tested positive for covid-19. Owing to which the creative team has decided to change the storyline overnight to accommodate my absence. So I think viewer failed to relate to the altered storyline as they wanted to see Raja and Rani together that affected show adversely”.

He also said “The news of the show going off-air came as a shocker. All said and done. I am satisfied that we are able to complete 175 episode, which is a milestone in itself. I just wait that the show had Run for another six months to a year.

He added “I am upset that show is ending. But at the same time, I am looking forward to exploring myself as an artiste by taking a versatile character. I am open to everything from tv, web to movie. I feel that every show takes you on a new journey and teaches you many things. And I am fine with moving on and excited to embark on a new journey with a new character.

Along with Akshit Sukhija, Mahima Makwana is also playing lead role.

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