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Amazon Prime Skulls & Roses Auditions, Registration and Casting Call

Amazon Prime is all set to launch unique and latest reality show named as skulls and roses. The show is in association with the monozygotic. As apart of amazon prime original.  skulls and oses will feature 16 young beautiful girls and boys. The shows will feature the 16 by and girls struggling to survive on the island named as skulls and roses. While this upcoming unique reality show will be host be the popular duo Raghu and Rajiv the duo have hosted many reality shows before. Amazon Prime Skulls & Roses Audition and Registration Open for 18 years above people.

The show ill blurred the lines between romance and adventure. The reality show is all set to take contestant through dangerous and hardships. only couples can participate in the show. Then they are tested for there courage and originality. The test is to find out which is stronger the instinct of the love or the instinct of the self-preservation. The Skulls and Roses have very bold and intriguing concept.

Amazon Prime Skulls and Roses Audition, Registration

So, if you want to participate in this reality show you have to submit your two photos and two 2 Minute intro videos on their official website. Later interested candidate will be shortlisted by the judges Raghu and Ram. The candidates who want to participate in the show must be brave, talented and courageous. also, they should be interested in adventurers.

So If you have above 18 years old then participate now, fill the form by clicking on the register button. But before the registration, you need to be tough, adventurous to survive on the show.

Think you have in it you? Log on to official website by clicking “Register Now” button and register for the adventure of the lifetime. It is me vs you. the task in the show will how the dedication of the individual towards themselves.

Are you par Romeo, part Rambo? Identify equally with the Cleopatra and cat women? If you do Raghu and Rajiv are back and they have a job for you! Introducing skull and roses, amazon prime video’s and a new reality show where love meets adventure, and heartbreaks meet heatstroke.

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    Yes I have submitted my details, what to do next bcoz I didn’t get any email or msg. on my phone.

  3. Gurpreet Singh says

    Sir my name is Gurpreet Singh Garry and my One question for you please tell me this show starts and my audition Please tell me when this program can start from

  4. Knowation @ youtube says

    Bro always fill every form & upload videos through laptop or PC , not from your mobile

    1. Shiraz says

      Ok thanks i will try

  5. Shiraz says

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