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Anupama and Vanraj Are Divorced: Anupama

Anupama takes divorce from Vanraj as she had promised Kavya about the same. They both sign the divorce papers and are going to head their lives separately.

Anupama changes her name from Anupama Vanraj Shah to only Anupama. She removes her marital name Vanraj Shah from her name.

Now she will start a new journey in her life. She will be more oriented towards her career. And she wants to set her life by moving ahead.

She wants to fly high and live her life to the fullest. Fulfill her dreams and goals in her life.

Vanraj is happy to see Anupama freed up and she is flourishing in her life. Anupama wants to set her career in dance.

As she loves dance and has passion towards dance.

Anupama and Vanraj are divorced!

Anupama divorces Vanraj as she has promised Kavya that she won’t be coming in between her and VAnraj’s relationship.

However, Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship is in a lot of Ups and downs which they need to sort out. Past few days Vanraj is spending time with Anupama as she has diagnosed with the Ovarian Tumor.

Vanraj was not willing to take divorce from Anupama however, the things have been sorted and they both separate to lead their lives ahead.

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