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Anupama Confesses Her Love For Vanraj! :Anupama

Anupama is currently a rolling show on an Indian television network. The show is a telecast of Star Plus. The show is currently in a very interesting plot.

All the family members are wanting Anupama to play Holi to the fullest as she didn’t play Holi for the last 25 years. Anupama never played Holi as Vanraj doesn’t like to play Holi.

However, this year they want her to be a part of the celebration. This year Anupama plays Holi and has a glass of bhang accidentally. And everyone gets to see a new side of Anupama

Anupama climbs to Vanraj’s room after drinking a glass of bhang. She is intoxicated state and she dances to the song “Hungama Ho Gaya” in front of Vanraj. She also applies color to him. Kavya sees everything and she leaves from there.

After family finds Anupama in Vanraj’s room in intoxicated state. Baa is trying her to calm her down. Anupama tells Baa that she found mother in her mother-in-law.

She also thanked Babuji for taking her side always. She also speaks about Samar.

Anupama Confesses Her Love For Vanraj!

And she also expresses her love for Vanraj. Hearing her confession every one is left with teary eyes. Even Vanraj is in tears listening to Anupama’s heartfelt confession.

How will Vanraj react after Anupama confesses her love?

Will their differences settle down?

Will this affect Kavya and Vanraj’s relationship?

The show is currently in a major track where Kavya and Vanraj’s relationship is out infront of everyone. Anupama files divorce against him and so that they both can marry.

Anupama is a telecast of Star Plus. It is a production of Rajan Shahi. you can enjoy the telecast of the show at any time and anywhere on the popular digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.

Download the app now and watch the show at anytime and anywhere.

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