Asia’s Singing Superstar Season 2 2017 Auditions & Online Registration Start Soon


Asia’s Singing Superstar is a musical battle between two neighboring countries, India and Pakistan, where singers from each country perform in a bid to win the competition. After the getting success in the first season, the show is coming with the second season. Asia’s Singing Superstar 2 Auditions 2017 and Online Registration will start soon.

This is a first show which holds no barriers in terms of age and is giving a chance to all those hidden and budding talents across 3 countries to come up and take part in the show.

Asia's Singing Superstar 2 Auditions 2017

Shafqat Amanat Ali and Shanker Mahadevan where judges of the previous season while hosted by Shweta Pandit and Ahsan Khan. Indian Singer Sneha Shankar was the wins Asia’s Singing Superstar season 1 title in 2016.

Asia’s Singing Superstar 2 Auditions 2017 & Registration

In this upcoming season, Sixteen contestants will choose from the online and walking auditions to take part in the show. Here will available Asia’s Singing Superstar 2 Auditions, when announced by officially.

India’s and Pakistan, If you have Singing talent and you want to showcase you inspire talent front of the world. So get ready to show your talent at this stage Because the show is giving you best opportunity.

Asia’s Singing Superstar season 2 is expecting to start in the earlier month of 2017, So start preparing yourself. Who want to win Asia’s Singing Superstar 2 crown along with the chance to enter in Bollywood.

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  1. Ravi 4ever
  2. md farhan
  3. Satish Mishra
  4. Dilip Patra
  5. Akash Sangode
  6. Akash Sangode
  7. Sandeep Chauhan Nayak Rajput
  8. Bhupendra Jha
  9. Silvester Dsouza
  10. Prikshit Dhiman
  11. Luckvinder Singh
  12. Bikash Singha
  13. Rock Johnson
  14. Bhudev Kumar Mandal
  15. Rajeev raidas
  16. Anis matta
  17. vikas kumar
  18. ikrar khan
  19. Niraj thakkar
  20. mangal suman
  21. Anurag Gupta
  22. rose
    • Lüçkÿ SäHanï
  23. Prajapati Vishal
  24. Suraj Gupta
  25. Aahil Kalim
  26. Ankit Mishra
  27. Vaseem Îqbal
  28. Vaseem Îqbal
  29. Ankur krishna
  30. Mukkie S. Martolia
  31. Mrinankita Roy
  32. Mrinankita Roy
  33. Manju Latha
    • Arjun Singh jeena
  34. Arjun Singh jeena
  35. anas zaman
  36. anas zaman
  37. Aryan Kumar
  38. Umar Sayeed
  39. AK Amit
  40. Usba Waseem
  41. Usba Waseem
  42. Usba Waseem
  43. Usba Waseem
  45. vihaan kapoor
  46. Puja Dey
    • harshit
    • aaryan
  47. Javedjafreen
  48. akash gautam
  49. Rinku Yadav
  50. M. Danish
  51. Amit Chauhan
  52. kishor dharasure
  53. kishor dharasure
  54. Awais Mj
  55. Sonu khan
  56. Tanzeel
  57. Ankur Krishna
  58. Shivani
    • harshit
  59. A.R.sharma
  60. mohamed Azam
  61. Abhijay mishra
  62. swaraj Rathod
  63. Puja Dey
    • Puja Dey
  64. Mohit chaubey
  65. Sameer ahmad
  66. amit hota
  67. K.BAJAJ
  68. kaushal Sharma
  69. Dogendra verma
  70. Nikku Kumar singh
  71. kumar Anmol
  73. remz sharma
  74. Jivan Makwana L
  75. Sonu Singh
  76. Dillip Kumar Moharana
  77. Rajan deep singh
  78. Rajan deep singh

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