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Aye Mere Humsafar Episode 21: Pratibha Devi convinces Vidhi to marry Ved

Everyone in the Kothari family thinks Payal has ran away from home in pursuit of her acting career over marrying Ved. However, in reality, Payal has been kidnapped. 

Imarti created a big scene insulting Surajmukhi and her daughters, and questioned their characters and their upbringing. Pratibha Devi stops Imarti from screaming and creating a scene at the wedding mandap and tells her it wasn’t necessary to make such a big scene in front of so many people.

Aye Mere Humsafar Episode 21: Pratibha Devi convinces Vidhi to marry Ved

Surajmukhi locks herself up in the store room upon hearing all of what Imarti said and the embarrassment that her daughter Payal has made her go through. Surajmukhi has poured kerosene all over herself in an attempt to set herself on fire. Worried that her mother might hurt herself, Vidhi is forcing her to open the door. Since Surajmukhi does not open the door, Vidhi then goes to Pratibha Devi seeking help to open the door and to stop her mother from doing anything drastic that may take her life.  Surajmukhi still does not open the door.

In this time, Pratibha Devi asks Vidhi to marry Ved. Vidhi is shocked and tells Pratibha Devi that Ved truly loves Payal and that he may never say yes to this marriage. Pratibha Devi finally convinces Vidhi to marry Ved to help the situation and avoid both families from embarrassment. 

Imarti over hears Pratibha Devi convincing  Vidhi to marry Ved and goes to him and starts poisoning his mind about Vidhi to stop him from saying yes to his mother’s request to marry Vidhi. 

Ved and Vidhi both agree for the marriage.

But will Ved and Vidhi be able to do justice to this marriage? Will they ever fall in love with each other? Will Vidhi have to give up her dreams of becoming an IAS officer?

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