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Episode 33: Aye Mere Humsafar: Imarti plots to remove Vidhi from the house

Aye Mere Humsafar Episode 33: Imarti plots to remove Vidhi from house

Aye Mere Humsafar Episode 33: Further misunderstandings are created between Ved and Vidhi in order to break their bond. Unable to trust Vidhi, Ved doubts her since she hid the truth about Payal’s audition. As a result of this argument, Ved decides to sleep outside. Upset and hurt Vidhi is unable to see Ved’s situation and leaves the room so he can sleep comfortably. 
On the other hand, Imarti hears everything and devises a plan to remove Vidhi from the house. She hides the Radha Krishna jewelry in Vidhi’s room to put the entire blame on her. Imarti then comes to Pratibha Devi to collect Radha Krishna’s jewelry, but the jewelry is missing and Imarti knowingly doubts Vidhi to have stolen it. Imarti creates a scene by shouting about the stolen jewelry and informs everybody and starts blaming Vidhi.

Pratibha Devi gives Vidhi two hours to prove her innocence. Vidhi enters her room and asks Ved if he trusts her or considers her to be the culprit. Soorajmukhi hears everything and prays to God to help her daughter.

To find the culprit, Ved calls the cops to search for the missing jewelry. Upon finding the missing piece, Imarti asks the cops to arrest Vidhi, but instead, the cops arrest her. 
Will Imarti succeed in creating problems between Ved and Vidhi.
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