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Baa and Vanraj Agress On A Point : Anupama

Anupama has an interesting twist coming up in the story. Baa and Vanraj will be agreeing on a single point. It is that Varaj tells Baa about
Samar and Nandini’s relationship.

Image Source: Instagram (Star Plus)

To which Baa says that she agrees with Vanraj. She doesn’t want Nandani to be the daughter-in-law of Shah’s house as she is Kavya’s niece.

Baa comes to know about Samar and Nandani’s relationship. After Baa asks Vanraj to take Kavya to the Police station and she asks to take a lady along with them.

Baa suggests taking Nandani with them to which Vanraj yells that girl should not come along with us nor to this house. To which Kavya too asks if Nandani has done something wrong.

Vanraj tells she has done something beyond a mistake and explains everything between Samar and Nandani.

Baa along with Vanraj is against the relationship of Samar and Nandani. On the other hand, Nandani is worried about Kavya’s condition and she wants to know about her.

Samar tells Nandini that she need not worry she can come to Shah’s house. And is not Nandini at fault but it is Mr. Shah’s problem.

Will Kavya accept Samar and Nandini’s relationship?

How will Kavya react after she comes to know about Samar and Nandani’s relationship??

And how will Anupama handle Kavya’s situation as she is too stressed with what she faced?

Will Anupama gets Vanraj and Kavya married to come of the shock she is in??

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Anupama is one of the top-rated shows on TRP charts. It has been in position one for a really long time.

Anupama is a telecast of Star Plus. The show is based on the life of Anupama who spends her whole life for her family and children. She never lived her life.

However, after she discovers her husband Vanraj’s affair with Kavya she decides to live her life. She decides to set Vanraj and Kavya free from her and decides to give divorce Vanraj.

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