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Colors TV New Show Molkki Starting Soon on TV Screen

Colors are gearing up to launch a new TV show very soon. The upcoming TV show on the channel is going to be very unique. And the concept of this TV show is extremely entertaining and interesting. The brand new TV show on the channel is titled as Molkki. The TV show will focus on some major social issues. So check out complete details about the storyline of the mole ki below. Also, find out more information related to the Colors Molkki Starting Date, Timing, Schedule, Cast.

The teaser of the Molkki has created a huge amount of anticipation among the fans. The TV show will have prominent television actors.

Colors Molkki Starting Date, Timing, Schedule, Cast, New TV Show 2020
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Colors TV Molkki Storyline

Colors Molkki will shed some light on a common custom in Haryana, wherein due to drastic gender ratio, brides are bought by people in exchange of money.

The TV show will revolve around Purvi who gets married to a man over twice her age Virender. Colors Molkki is one of the Unique TV show on the Indian television network

Molkki Cast of Colors TV

Colors TV Molkki will have a popular and talented television actor in a pivotal role. Newcomer Payal Mahajan will be playing the female lead role in the show. She will portray the character of Purvi, who is very responsible and fights her all battle with dignity. While popular TV actor Amar Upadhyay will play the role of Virendra Pratap Singh. He will be coming back on TV screens after a long break.

The makers of the Shoaib also roped in Abhay Bhargava in pivotal role.

Colors Molkki Starting Date

It is expected that the TV show will be on screens in a few days. The confirm starting date of the show will be available on the page and a few days.


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