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Dev manus to be remade in Kannada as ‘Doctor Karna’

Dev Manus is one of the popular television shows on the Marathi television networks. The TV show has got a huge fan following and critics were also impressed by it. Seeing the amount of positive response to this TV show, the maker of the decision to create the Kannada version of the show. The Kannada version of the Dev Manus is titled as Doctor Karna. here are our complete details about it below.

Dev Manus To Be Remade In Kannada As ‘Doctor Karna’

The complete details about Doctor Karna are not out yet. But it is going to be definitely entertaining intriguing. The TV show will have a completely new star cast and some changes.

Talking about the plot of Dev Manus, it is based on a real-life story. it revolves around a criminal doctor who killed total of six people in the 13 years of his practice in the town of Satara.

Dev Manus To Be Remade In Kannada As 'Doctor Karna'

Marathi version of the Dev Manas broke all TRP records. Even the TV show had a late-night time slot, it still manage to attract an audience all across Maharashtra. It will be interesting to see what kind of response the Kannada version of the show will get.

The Kannada version of the Dev Manas will release very soon. The TV show is in its initial state. So it is very hard to predict the premiere date of the show. So more updates about the starting date and the time slot of the show will be available on the page here.

Dev Manus featured Kiran Gaikwad and Asmita Deshmukh. While Anjali Joglekar, Ankush Mandrekar, Viral Mane, Rukmini Sutar, Pushpa Chaudhari were also part of the show.

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