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Discovery India’s Citizen Squad Auditions & Online Registration Open


Discovery Channel is launching a new competition-based reality show “Discovery India’s Citizen Squad”. Discovery India is searching for citizen heroes who have the guts, strength and potential to take a stand for what is right. If you have the potential to become stronger physically, mentally so that they can change the society then register now. Discovery India’s Citizen Squad Auditions and online registration has open.

This is the military based reality show, where 10 shortlisted candidates, who selected from the auditions will be trained by ex-military specialists and made to undergo a series of challenges. After the auditions, the show will start in November on Discovery, Discovery World HD and on Veer by Discovery and also on Discovery’s YouTube channel.

Discovery India’s Citizen Squad Auditions


Discovery India’s Citizen Squad Auditions & Registration

The show is looking at those heroes, who have courage, the strength to take a stand for what is right. The main aim of this show is to train them and make them stronger physically, mentally so that they become the change agents of the society.

This is the golden opportunity to every Indian to showcase their abilities. Who aspire to emulate military values in everyday life and change India for the better. The Registration open for both male and female and participants shall be citizens and residents of India.


To the register, Discovery India’s Citizen Squad Auditions click on the REGISTER button yourself to registration. After that click on the Take the challenge button and Sign up via email, Facebook and Google Plus for the participation. And fill the all personal details with contacts. After the upload a video of doing 20 sit-ups, 20 squats and 20 push-ups all within 60 seconds.

How To Shoot A Video?
  1. Place your camera in a suitable angle and make sure it’s steady.
  2. If it is a mobile or a tablet, the device should be horizontal while recording.
  3. Take the video from a distance of at least 10 ft.
  4. Make sure the lighting of the video is proper and you are visible clearly.
  5. Get into the exercise position and begin your shoot.
  6. If possible, get a friend to shoot this video while you take up the exercise challenge.
  7. Video Maximum size is 200MB, Maximum length is 60 Sec & format requires is mp4.

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