ZEE Marathi Eka Peksha Ek Dance 2017 Audition & Registration Details

Eka Peksha Ek Dance is a forms an indivisible part of the culture and tradition of the state of Maharashtra. This show will bring forth the rich cultural heritage with the variety of dance forms like Folk, Dhangari Gaja, Lavani, Koli , Tamasha, Povadas and more. Here will Eka Peksha Ek Dance 2017 Audition Details update shortly.

ZEE Marathi Eka Peksha Ek Dance 2017 Audition & Registration Details


Eka Peksha Ek Dance 2017 Audition and Registration Details

Coming soon..!

Eka Peksha Ek Dance Audition Rule

The participants will be divided into 5 teams of 5 members each as they learn the dance styles to face off against other groups in an authentic, professionally adjudicated competition

Eka Peksha Ek Dance Online Registration and Audition Details coming very soon. For Latest’s Update BookMark to http://www.auditionform.in and join us Facebook Twitter.


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    1. ashish patil 2 February
    2. avinash pakhare 13 April
    3. suraj 22 May
    4. khan shamshad 4 July
    5. pranjali pathak 27 July
    6. Manisha Toppo 20 August
    7. Krishnendu Barman 20 October
    8. Lokesh bharti 25 October
    9. rekha dange 11 November
    10. priyanshu ruhela 1 December
    11. prakash choudhary 27 December
    12. aishwarya rajvaidya 29 December
    13. aishwarya rajvaidya 29 December
    14. CleoSMiyoshi 4 June
    15. Mangal rajak 16 March
    16. Katha Satarkar 20 March
    17. sanjay 25 June
    18. Sajan khan 2 August
    19. suraj sanjay natekar 7 August
    20. Rajvan Gaur 8 August
    21. Amulya prahant chate 15 September

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