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Imlie: Is Dev Imlie’s Father??

Imlie is one of the popular show on Indian television network. The show is a telecast of the Star Plus.

The show will be taking a shocking twist in the story. Aditya will come to know that Satyakam is not real father of Imlie.

Dev wants to meet his family his daughter. Dev is aware that Imlie is in his daughter. He goes to Pagdandiya to see Meethi and Imlie. Dev wishes to bring his daughter Imlie with him and he doesn’t want to keep her away from him anymore.

He wants to apologize for his mistake and wants to make things right now. Dev tries to remember the address of lounge.

He stops for sometime at the same hotel where Aditya brings Imlie’s family for lunch.

Dev visits Pagdandiya and Satyakam sees him. Satyakam drags him in a jungle and is about to kill him. After seeing how Dev betrayed Meethi as revenge Sataykam intends to kill every city man who enters Pagdandiya.

Satyakam sees Dev and they are in a deadily fight. However, Meethi manages to find them.

Aditya comes to Know That Dev is real father of Imlie!

Satyakam is pointing a gun towards Dev and is about to kill him. However, meethi sees him and stops him by saying that Dev is Imlie’s real father.

The scene is sseen by Aditya and Aditya hears everything that Meethi said.

He comes to know that the father of this first wife Imlie is Dev and the father of his second wife Malini is also Dev.

How will Aditya react to the whole situation after he comes to know the truth about Imlie’s father?

Will Dev come to know that Imlie is married to Aditya?

How will Dev react when he comes to know that Imlie and Malini’s husband is Aditya?

What will be Malini’s reaction when she will come to know that Aditya is Married to her sister Imlie before her?

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