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Imlie’s Marriage Truth Out? : Imlie

Imlie is one of the top-rated shows on the TRP ratings. The show has a huge fan following. There is an interesting twist coming into the show soon.

Imlie’s truth about her marriage will be revealed in front of everyone. Aditya arranges a press conference for Imlie as she is the second topper of the state in her exam.

However, while the press conference is on. Due to a sudden breeze towards Imlie her hairs move and the vermillion in her hairline becomes visible.

Everyone gets a shockw to see the vermillion in her hairline. Even the Tripathi’s are shocked to see that as they were not aware of the same. Imlie stays at their house but they were unaware of Imlie’s marriage.

Imlie Reveals That she Is Married!

Everyone starts questioning her about her vermillion. To which Imlie confesses in front of the media that she is suhagan. Imlie’s revelation is going to be a big shocker for everyone.

As the next question that will arise is who is her husband. Imlie after revealing the truth starts looking at Adi. It is going to be a very big shocker and a turning point in the story.

Will Aditya accept Imlie and his marriage infront of everyone?

What about Aditya and Malini’s relationship?

Will Tripathi’s be able to bear this shock?

How will Malini react after she comes to know about their marriage?

In the upcoming episode we will also be watching that Malini will be questioning Aditya for why he married her if he hiding things from her. Their relation is getting worst day by day. Malini is trying to talk to Aditya to fix things up.

Malini loves Aditya alot how will she react after she comes to know about Aditya and Imlie’s marriage. On the other hand, Aditya has started loving Imlie and he even confesses his love for her.

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