India Banega Manch Auditions & Registration Details


India Banega Manch is talent hunt show coming with the New season. If your age is 3 years and above then you fill your form and upload your video and showcase your talent individually or in groups.  If you have any talent then showcase your talent by performing on the streets and attract the general public and the person/group. Check Below for India Banega Manch Auditions and Registration Details.

India Banega Manch show open for all Indian citizens residing in India and who are eligible with above criteria. This is the new show coming on Colors TV.

Colors TV India Banega Manch Auditions 2017 & Registration Form

India Banega Manch Auditions

The India Banega Manch Auditions starting from 18th February 2017 and open until 30 April 2017. If you have any talent then record your talent and Upload your video on IBM House by filling Name, Age, Address and contact details.

You can register via or upload through Colors Apps and Website. The Video duration 2-3 minutes and maximum size of the video is 10mb in Avi, MPEG, MOV, any other format.

The participants of the show, they have required Government Identity proof and Address proof. In case if you are participating in a group then required being provided for each member of the group.

#Registration Criteria

Age required between 3 years and above

If you are below 18 years then read T&C

Talent video required 2-3 minutes Maximum

Video Size 10mb

Video Format: Avi, MPEG, MOV, any other format

Required: Gov. Identity proof and Address proof

Indian citizens and residing in India

If you are participating in group then document required each participant

Registration Open from 18th February 2017

Registration Close on 30th April 2017 at 23:59 hours

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