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India’s Digital Superstar 2019 Auditions and Registration

India’s Digital Superstar is a first of its kind talent competition on a digital platform. If you are a dancer, singer, magician, acrobat, gymnast, standup comic, contortionist, stunt person, etc. Don’t worry, Record your talent video, you have to Upload online Because it’s a Digital competition. Check India’s Digital Superstar 2019 Auditions and Registration.

The is the best platform to every talent people, No long audition queues. No need to knock on any doors. From the comfort of your homes, offices, bathrooms, gardens, etc. Don’t matter Indian, any age, any gender, any region, anywhere in the world.

Indias Digital Superstar 2017 Auditions & Online Registration Details

India’s Digital Superstar 2019 Auditions and Registration

Auditions remain open for a period of 9 weeks during which, a participant can upload as many original talent videos as he/she likes through the IDS website and apps.

Every uploaded video checked by our team and if it is as per the guidelines, it will be made available on the IDS website, IDS apps, YouTube and Zenga TV for viewers to watch.

Points are allocated to the videos based on the views and like they generate across platforms.  (YouTube, Zenga TV, Facebook, IDS website, and apps).

At the end of the auditions, the total points generated by all the videos of a participant are added and after that, this becomes the total score for that participant.

The top 5 scorers become the finalists along with 5 finalists chosen by the judges. This makes the total number of finalists as 10.

From these finalists, India’s Digital Superstar is announced in the 10th week at a Live event held in Mumbai.

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