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India’s First Docu-Reality Series on Poker Creates Visibility for the Sport

It’s believed that poker has been played in India for 100 years or more. For most of that time, the game of skill, which is now regarded as a sport, was underground. There was a reluctance to admit participating in poker games, especially as there was a legal issue with playing. So check here about India’s First Docu-Reality Series On Poker Creates Visibility For The Sport.

The legal issues with playing poker remain to this day as it has not been classified as a game of skill in the country which means it’s difficult to play face-to-face without the possibility of breaking the law. Tournaments like the India Poker Championship exist but they are based in offshore casinos which also give anyone in India the opportunity to play poker online.

Gaming apps like those for teen Patti are also influenced by poker. Much like poker, teen Patti is a game that began as an in-person card game and then took to the online world. You can find details about the card game here.

The online presence of poker has helped to increase its popularity. However, there is still a lack of understanding about the sport for many people. The recent five-part docu-reality series Poker Mantra attempted to provide more information about poker and why it’s so popular.

What is Poker Mantra?

Poker Mantra is a series produced by Mind Sports League that aims to raise the profile of poker in India. During the series, top poker players, team coaches, and sponsors were interviewed.

Players such as Rajat Sharma, Aniket Pradhan, Harshit Jaiswal, and Nitin Dhamija were some of the familiar poker names who participated. The series screened on Voot, in partnership with Pocket 52 -Poker Sports League. It proved popular with poker fans and newcomers to the sport.

India’s First Docu-Reality Series On Poker Creates Visibility For The Sport
India’s First Docu-Reality Series On Poker Creates Visibility For The Sport

Episodes in the Poker Mantra series

The series aimed to cover a variety of aspects of poker. Topics covered included dealing with the taboo around the sport, money management lessons from poker, and the discipline and demands of poker. Let’s take a closer look at the individual episodes.

Episode 1 – Taboo

In the first episode of the series, viewers are shown how poker is a strategic game of the mind. This is an attempt to dispel its reputation as simply gambling.

Episode 2 – Paisa

This episode features players like Rajat Sharma and Aniket Pradhan. They speak to viewers about how playing poker has improved their money management skills.

Episode 3 – Khel

In episode 3 of Poker Mantra, poker is compared to other sports. It’s showcased as a sport that requires gameplay and strategy. It’s also shown to be a good spectator sport.

Episode 4 – Tapasya

This episode introduces the viewer to the concept that poker players need to be physically and mentally fit in order to succeed. This helps them to do the studying and practicing required.

Episode 5 – Jeet

The final episode of the series gives poker players the opportunity to talk about their successes. Stars like Gaurav Sood, Srihari Bang, and Akshay Nasa share their inspirational stories.

Poker Mantra has helped to educate poker enthusiasts and new players about the sport. It’s also raised the visibility of poker across India as well as potentially increasing its popularity in the country.

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