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Kangan Baruah on her charcater in Sab Tv’s Sab Satrangi

Kangan Baruah will be joining the cast of Sab Satrangi in the near future. Gargi is the character she will play. Her purpose is to motivate us, as she is the town’s most determined woman. Her self-assurance and fearlessness will leave you speechless. Gargi is the flower in the bouquet who will complete it and give it a good balance, as God created everyone uniquely so that the world enjoys the differences.

Kangan Baruah on her charcater in Sab Tv’s Sab Satrangi

Gargi is extremely attached to her father, he is known as the local don, because she grew up without a mother. Although our kid is generally brave and has taught herself to be sufficient in all situations, she has never understood what it is like to have a whole family. The Maurya family is undeniably unconventional, and Gargi’s commanding presence in the home will be a visual delight.

Gargi is more than just a lovely face .she is captivating because of her mindfulness, confidence, and drive, and she is ready to smash your bones if you dare to cross her path. She’s here to reestablish the Maurya family’s joyful equilibrium, and she’ll find a way to reach your heart as well.

Gargi is clearly distinct from Manu. Manu is a true legend, as seen by his kindness and charity in all circumstances. Gargi, on either side, is simply here to encourage everyone, particularly ladies, and to teach them to be decisive and confident in their decisions.

In an exclusive interview with Indiaforums, Kangan talked about her character in detail. She said “I’m in awe of Gargi, this character is so aspirational that it gives me literal goosebumps while playing it. She is like an onion, when you start dissecting her, her layers start to peel off and you start loving the character all the more. I share a lot of common ground with her, she is actually the closest to what I am as a person.

She added “A small-town girl exuberating confidence and self-esteem is what the world needs to see now, and I am so happy that I get a chance to portray it. Sony SAB is too kind to create and paint such shows with such strong messaging that immediately gives that Khushiyon wali feeling, and I am happy to be a part of this family.”

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