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Karan Already Has a child? kundali bhagya

Kundali Bhagya is a popular show on the Indian television network which is a telecast of Zee TV. The upcoming twist in the story is bought by Sonakshi’s marriage. Chaha Ji breaks Rajat and Sonkashi’s marriage as he questions Sonkashi’s character.

He has a personal detective who tells him about Sonakshi having a child earlier. He got the reports from the hospital where Sonakshi was admitted and she delivered a child.

They see the proof and everyone is shocked to hear that Sonakshi has a child. Sonakshi keeps quiet and she doesn’t reply to anything as he remembers everything and her father telling her that it will ruin their name.

Later when everyone asks about the father of the child Chacha Ji asks to see the report. Preeta takes the reports and reads where the name of the father is written as Karan Luthra. She reads it and faints where Kritika takes the reports and is shocked after reading it.

Karan Already Has A Child?

Later Chahaji asks Kritika to the entire family who is the father of the child. After which he takes the reports and says that he will tell who is the father. He tells everyone that the father of the child is written as ‘Karan Luthra’. Everyone is in shock hearing this.

Karan says what nonsense and he reads the report which has his name written on it. He is also in a shock to hear this. Preeta also tried to defend Karan saying that there are many Karan Luthra’s not just one. She also says that she has no idea why Chacha Ji is doing this. However, Rajat notices that Sonakshi is quiet and not saying anything.

Kundali Bhagya is a telecast of Zee Tv which is a popular show and also the one in the TRP rankings. The current track of the story is only about Sonakshi’s marriage. The show airs at 09:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

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