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Karan V Grover To Enter Colors TV Udaariyaan!


Karan V Grover is a popular television actor all set to enter the popular show Udaariyaan of Colors TV. He is all set to be play the role of Angad Maan in the show.

His role in the show is going to bring up interesting twist and turns in the story. He is all set to play Angad in the show. Angad will be crossing paths with Tejo and he is a rich and wealthy business.

Angad is going to be a investor of their Sports academy. He is a person who celebrates life to the fullest and NRI person who is ground to earth and celebrates life.

Angad is popular for his role in the shows like Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Shitty Ideas Trending, Wagel Ki Duniya- Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey, Spotlight, Bahu Humari Rajni Kant.

He is all set to enter Udaariyaan with a new character.

Karan V Grover Plays Angad Maan!

Angad’s entry is going to bring up more interesting twist in the story. We can see that plot of the show where Tejo decides to live her life to fullest as she is betrayed by her sister and husband.

Her husband betrays Tejo with her sister she decides to live her life. However, there comes a entry of Karan V Grover as Angad Maan in the show.

We will get to see some interesting story of Tejo and Angad. There is going to be more interesting plot in the show where the it is going to be full of twist and turns.

Udaariyaan is a telecast of Colors TV. The show is a telecast of which has managed to to keep the audience glues up to the television screens.

You can also enjoy the streaming of the show on digital platform Voot. Download the app on your IOS and Android devices here.

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