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Kavya Threatens Vanraj For Marriage? : Anupama

Anupama is a popular show on an Indian television network. The show has an interesting track where Vanraj and Kavya are all set to marry each other.

Kavya comes to Vanraj and she is rubbing her cheeks on his cheeks. She reminds Vanraj that what she has said to him during his marriage with Anupama. Vanraj is in shock by Kavya’s gesture.

She even tells Vanraj that she hopes everything goes well as the day has come. Kavya tells Vanraj that your family doesn’t wish to come but they will have to come. She says that her heart was broken last time and so his house was also broken too so she asks him to come at 4:00 PM sharp to marry her.

She is indirectly threatening Vanraj and he is shocked looking at the Kavya. On the other hand, Anupama worries about her family as she overhears Rakhi and Kavya’s conversation.

Anupama even has a bad dream about wrong happening to her family. Rakhi and Kavya are talking to each other. Rakhi says that when you marry Vanraj she should keep Kinjal and Toshu out of her list to destroy Shah’s family.

To which Kavya says that she is trying to be nice with her. To which Rakhi says that it is good for her to be nice with her boss’s mother.

Rakhi even taunts her that she is namesake Naagin, but the real poison is within Kavya. As she is behind destroying the whole Shah family.

Anupama is a telecast of Star Plus. You can also enjoy the telecast of the show on the digital platform at any time and from any where.

The digital platform that streams the show is Disney+ Hotstar.

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